Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Disappeared, Where to Find Tulin TOTK

Where to find Tulin if he leaves in Zelda TOTK? The “Tulin of Rito Village” quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will have you go on an adventure with Tulin, the son of your Rito friend from BOTW. However, many players seem to have lost Rito before going to the Wind Temple. Read on as we explain where to find the disappeared Tulin of Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Disappeared Solution
Zelda TOTK Tulin Missing, Where to Find Him

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Missing, Where is Tulin in TOTK?

When you arrive in Rito Village, you’ll notice that something strange is happening. Namely, there’s a deadly blizzard, while a huge, ominously grey cloud hung over the village. You, alongside Tulin, will be asked to investigate what the hell is going on there. Does it have something to do with the disappearance of Princess Zelda? Tulin certainly thinks so!

Without going into too much detail, your adventure here will lead you climbing to the Rising Island Chain. Once you reach it, you will need to solve a couple of puzzles here. If all goes well, you will eventually end up in the Wind Temple where you will meet with Tulin again. At least, that’s what needs to happen.

However, given the game’s open-ended nature and the almost complete freedom you as a player have, this doesn’t always end up like this. Namely, you can leave this questline at any point an continue doing something else. And when you come back Tulin has disappeared!

So, is Tulin lost, and you are soft-locked? Luckily, no, that’s not the case. If you leave Tulin mid-quest and he disappears when you return to the Wind Temple, there’s a simple solution. His quest marker is confusing players due to the fact that the massive storm cloud is obscuring the platform he’s on. He’s not actually on the ground level. Rather, Tulin will be waiting for you near the Mayaumekis Shrine within the Hebra Mountains Sky region in the Rising Island Chain! You can find him on one of the floating platforms with a boat. The exact coordinates are: -2813, 2984, 0861.

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  1. S

    This spoiled that the big dungeons were called temples, 0 stars

  2. A

    So what happens if he leaves you before you climb up there? I actually climbed way up there before doing his quest line so when I finally got him on my side I decided to fast travel up there and skip the trip but he didn’t like that and left. Now I don’t know where to find him

    1. S

      I did the same thing and found him at the first boat you see as you make your way up. I jumped to the first shrine and he was close to that. And then I jumped to the second shrine that’s closest to the top and he followed me that time.

      1. G

        god thank you cuz i did something similar and i was stressed that id never find the bird boy again lmao. life saver fr thxxxxx

    2. M

      I’m in the same situation. Please help!

    3. T
      Travis Barber

      When I first started climbing the sky island chain after you fly over the first flux construct he said princess Zelda wasn’t over there and I ended up reaching the temple hoping to see him meet me there and when I got there he wasn’t there I checked everywhere the cave where he saw the monsters and followed them even his own father couldn’t tell me I even tried activating a older save file but the save wasn’t there anymore so could someone help me with that?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. N

    what if tulin isn’t there?

    1. T
      Travis Barber

      But if he wasn’t where would he go

    2. G

      Yeah he’s not there for me either

  4. T
    Travis Barber

    Thanks so much I went towards boats and found him I thought I had to restart the entire game 🙏

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  6. P

    I’m up at the temple but tulin isn’t there

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