Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Skyview Towers are some of the most important locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This is because, when you manage to get into them, they enable you to scan and reveal a large portion of the map. One such Skyview Tower can be found in the Rabella Wetlands. When you try to get inside, you are going to be blocked by a patch of thorns preventing you from entering. So how can you unlock the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Here’s what you need to do here.

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Unlock Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to unlock Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The problem here – obviously – is the thorns. When you get close to them, they are going to cause you damage. It doesn’t matter if you, for example, cook food that is going to increase your defense (using the Ironshroom), you still can’t get through the thorns – they are going to keep repelling you. So, how can you solve the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower puzzle? Well, you obviously need to find a way to get rid of the thorns. Attacking them won’t work, so the only other solution here is – fire. If you don’t know how to make a fire in Zelda TotK, we have written a guide that explains the process of fire-making.

The next problem arises due to the weather – even if you have made a fire, the rain will soon put it out. What you need to do is to find some way to block out the rain so that your fire will keep burning. Luckily, there are plenty of wooden constructs around this Skywind Tower that you can use to protect the fire. So use your Ultrahand ability and craft a make-shift wooden obstruction in front of the entrance to the tower. Then, place a bunch of wood near the thorns at the door and start a fire. If done correctly, the thorns will burn down, and you will have gained access to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. Note that you don’t need to burn down all the thorns here, just the ones that are blocking the entrance.

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