Wingsuit Zelda TOTK Glide Suit Locations

In our Wingsuit Zelda TOTK Glide Suit Locations guide, we are going to show you where to find and how to get all three pieces of the Wingsuit armor: the shirt, tights and mask. We will also tell you which materials you’ll need to upgrade it fully, as well as what the Glide Armor set bonus is. This is one of the most useful sets in the game (in my opinion), so let’s dive straight in!

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wingsuit zelda totk glide suit locations
Wingsuit Zelda TOTK Glide Suit Locations

Zelda TOTK Glide Shirt Wingsuit Location

The location of the Glide Shirt part of the Wingsuit in Zelda TOTK (or Tears of the Kingdom) is on Courage Island. The easiest way to get there is to go to the Lindor’s Brow tower and launch yourself into the air. Glide to the southwest, and you’ll get to the island soon enough (assuming you have the stamina). Drop to the lowest level, where the pool is. Talk to the construct and dive through all the rings. The first go is a test run and unlocks a shrine. Talk to the construct again. Now you have to do the jump again, but under thirty-five seconds. If you pull it off, you’ll get the Glide Shirt.

Where to Find Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Glide Tights

To find the Glide Tights of the Wingsuit in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, aka TOTK, you have to get to Bravery Island. Make your way to Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower and use it to reach the sky. Glide to the south until you reach Bravery Island. Use the other islands to regain some stamina if necessary. One again, drop into the pool, find the steward construct and do the practice run. Do the course again under the required time to obtain the Glide Tights. Use the Glide Shirt you got earlier to make things easier; it’s a big help.

How to Get Zelda TOTK Wingsuit Glide Mask

To get the final part of the Zelda TOTK Wingsuit, the Glide Mask, head to the southeast on the surface. Use the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to toss Link into the heavens, then glide to the northeast to Valor Island. You most likely won’t be able to get all the way over there on the glider alone. Instead, you’ll probably have to land on one of the islands, some of which have pre-built Zonai flying devices. You can use one of those to cross the rest of the way. Once you’re there, you know what to do already.

In the list below, we’ll give you a list of upgrade materials for the Wingsuit. If you get all the pieces to level 2, you unlock the Glide Armor set bonus: Impact Proof. It negates all fall damage, which is pretty dang awesome.

  • 1* upgrade: 3x Keese Wing
  • 2* upgrade: 6x Aerocuda Eyeball, 5x Keese Wing
  • 3* upgrade: 6x Aerocuda Wing, 8x Aerocuda Eyeball
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