Assassin's Creed 4 Best Hunting and Harpooning Locations

Most of weapons and health upgrades require ingredients that can be acquired only from animals. After killing an animal, you’ll receive a bone and the main ingredient like skin, hide or pelt. In the list below you can find best animal hunting locations, along with detailed information about ingredients obtainable from animals, selling prices and crafting recipes.

Selling Price: 50R
Ingredient for: Sleep Dart (1x), Berserk Dart (1x), Rope Dart (1x)

Assassin’s Creed 4 Hunting Tips

  • You can reset animal’s spawn location by simple using nearby fast travel
  • Animals tend to respawn faster when nearby animals are defeated
  • Farming white jaguar pelt (600R) is possible when using fast travel. The animal respawns every time you use nearby fast travel, and you can quickly walk back to spawn location.
  • Lurking animals from bushes and whistling will make them come closer, then you can use surprise attack tactic
  • Animals like jaguars, white jaguars, crocodiles will attack you
  • Probably the best way to kill an animal is from the distance with silent sleep darts. You can craft darts easily with one animal’s bone

Hunting Locations


Locations: Cape Bonavista, Great Inagua, Mariguana Island, Nassau
Wild Pig Hide:Selling Price: 150R
Ingredient for: Pistol Ammo Pouch I (2x)
BEST – Cape Bonavista
wild pig location in cape bonavista On the Cape Bonavista island you can make a real fortune quickly and easily. In the north-west part of the map, you will come across a place between mountains and a small river. If you direct a drove of pigs towards mountain, you can easily kill them all with a sword.


Locations:Mistiriosa Island, New Bone, Tulum
Capuchin Monkey Pelt:Selling Price: 75R
Ingredient for: Berserk Dart II (2x)
BEST – Tulum
assassin's creed CAPUCHIN MONKEY location


Locations:Isla Providencia, Long Bay, Matanzas, Nassau, Tulum
Crocodile Leather:Selling Price: 200R
Ingredient for: Pistol Holster IV (2x)
BEST – Nassau
ac4 crocodile location


Locations:Kingston, Principe, Satnanillas, Salt Lagoon
Deer Hide:Selling Price: 150R
Ingredient for: Health Upgrade II (2x)
BEST – Salt Lagoon
deer location salt lagoon


Locations: Abaco Island, Andreas Island, Great Inagua
Iguana Leather:Selling Price: 90R
Ingredient for: Health Upgrade I (2x)
BEST – Abaco Island
iguana locations


Locations: Cayman Sound, Jiguey, Long Bay
Hutia Hide:Selling Price: 85R
Ingredient for: Smoke Bomb Pouch I (2x)
BEST – Cayman Sound
hutia locations


Locations: Cape Bonavista, Cat Island, Kingston, Long Bay, Principe, Tortuga
Howler Monkey Skin:Selling Price: 100R
Ingredient for: Dart Pouch I (2x)
BEST – Cape Bonavista
Howler Monkey location


Locations: Rare animal, Isla Providencia
Red Howler Monkey Skin:Selling Price: 500R
Ingredient for: Hunter Outfit (x1)


Locations: Cape Bonavista, Principe, Tulum
Jaguar Pelt:Selling Price: 70R
Ingredient for: Feline Pelt Outfit (x1), Health Upgrade III
BEST – Cape Bonavista
jaguar locations cape bonavista


Locations: Isla Providencia, Pinos Isle
Black Jaguar Pelt:Selling Price: 300R
Ingredient for: Rope Darts (x2),
BEST – Pinos Isle
pinos isle black jaguar


Locations: Rare animal, Great Inagua
White Jaguar Pelt:Selling Price: 600R
Ingredient for: Hunter Outfit (x1)
BEST – Great Inagua
white jaguar location


Locations: Abaco Island, Andreas Island, Cumberland Bay
Ocelot Pelt:Selling Price: 125R
Ingredient for: Feline Pelt Outfit (x1), Pistol Holster II (x2)
BEST – Abaco Island
ocelot location


Locations: Corozal, Kingston, Nassau
Rabbit Pelt:Selling Price: 70R
Ingredient for: Rope Dart Pouch I (x2), Smoke Bomb Pouch II (x2)
BEST – Nassau
rabbit locations ac4

Assassin’s Creed 4 Harpooning Locations


Locations: Eluethera, Gibara
Hammerhead Shark Bone:Selling Price: 400R
Ingredient for: Pistol Ammo Pouch II (x2), Shark-hunter outfit (1x)


Locations:Dry Tortuga, Gibara
Bull Shark Skin:Selling Price: 580R
Ingredient for: Berserk Dart I (x2), Shark-hunter outfit (1x)


Killer Whale Skin:Selling Price: 630R
Ingredient for: Dart Pouch II (x2)
killer whale shark


Locations:Charlotte, Serranilla
Great White Shark Bone:Selling Price: 550R
Ingredient for: Health Upgrade IV (x2), Sleep Dart II (x2)

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  1. Ben

    Just to clarify, a killer whale is not a shark, you should change the name in this guide, and maybe learn some basic biology while you’re at it.

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    the white whale has 9 diffrent spots that is you sail over it automatically appears and from my count id say you guys missed more fish then just the white whale lol. I have one qustion tho, what colour is a howler monkey I know the red one is like a red/orange/brown colour but whats the other one look like?


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