Assassin's Creed 4 Treasure Map Locations

Treasure Maps in Assassin’s Creed 4 are usually hidden next to Cadavers, or can be acquired from tavern barkeeper for 200R. They reward players with money or upgrade design plans for Jackdaw.
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Treasure Maps are scattered through Caibbean Islands.

In the list below we described 22 locations where you can find a cadaver or tavern, and get information about buried treasure chest, along with rewards from the chest.

1. Abaco Island – Cadaver (611,829)

  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Serpent Figurehead
  • Dig Location: Salt Lagoon (750,632)

2. Ambergris Key Cave – Cadaver (58,184)

  • Reward: 3 000R and elite design plan: Elite Heavy Shoot Strength
  • Dig Location: Misteriosa (307,195)

3. Andreas Island – Cadaver (574,718)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Abaco Island (616,835)

4. Anotto Bay – Cadaver (622,270)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Principe (992,422)
  • Tips for finding Cadaver: Follow Anotto’s Bay underwater tunnel path that guides you toward two air pockets in order to reach smuggler’s den. Cadaver is in eastern smuggler’s den.

5. Cape Bonavista – Cadaver (179,593)

  • Reward: 1 500R
  • Dig Location: Cape Bonavista (179,593)

6. Cayman Sound – Cadaver (335,335)

  • Reward: 3 000R and elite design plan: Elite Heavy Shoot Storage
  • Dig Location: Petite Caverne (894,260)

7. Corozal – Cadaver (42,267)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Ambergris Key (42,267)

8. Cumberland Bay – Cadaver (679,371)

  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Aquila’s Wheel
  • Dig Location: Pinos Isle (335,480)

9. Great Inagua – Cadaver (845,468)

  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Grey Sails
  • Dig Location: Nassau (633,784)
  • Tips for finding Cadaver: South of Great Inagua Cadaver location, there is a tree, jump onto a branch and follow a path that leads to cadaver.

10. Havana – Cadaver (240,607)

  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Queen Anne’s Figurehead
  • Dig Location: Havana (240,607)

11. Ile a Vache – Cadaver (843,140)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Jiguey (565,535)

12. Isla Providencia – Cadaver (502,44)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Long Bay (525,253)

13. “Great Reputation II” Kenway’s Fleet mission

  • Online mission for acquiring Treasure Map: “Great Reputation II” – Mediterranean Sea
  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Anotto Bay (621,277)

14. “The Empty Cellar” Kenway’s Fleet mission

  • Online mission for acquiring Treasure Map: “The Empty Cellar” – Eastern British Colonies
  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Cumberland Bay (679,381)

15. “Scarlatina” Kenway’s Fleet mission

  • Online mission for acquiring Treasure Map: “Scarlatina” – East Canada
  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Elite Fire Barrel Storage
  • Dig Location: Isla Providencia (502,44)

16. Mariguana Island – Cadaver (878,539)

  • Reward: 3 000R and elite design plan: Elite Harpoon Strength
  • Dig Location: Andreas Island (575,717)

17. Misteriosa – Cadaver (303,199)

  • Reward: 3 000R and design plan: Blackwood Wheel
  • Dig Location: Kingston (623,172)

18. Petite Caverne – Cadaver (893,261)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Tulum (70,405)

19. Pinos Isle Cadaver (338,480)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: Cayman Sound (335,335)

20. Salt Lagooon – Cadaver (754,632)

  • Reward: 4 000R
  • Dig Location: New Bone (445,115)

21. Santanillas – Cadaver (221,247)

  • Reward: 3 000R and elite design plan: Elite Fire Barrel Strength
  • Dig Location: San Juan (479,487)

22. Tortuga – Cadaver (882,337)

  • Reward: 3 000R and elite design plan: Elite Mortar Storage
  • Dig Location: Matanzas (342,641)

Redeem Code Dig Location

  • Redeem code comes from McFarlane Assassin’s Creed Series 1 – Edward Kenway Action Figure
  • We would like to thank visitors New and The Real BEST ANSWER for additional information and for sending us the pictures in the comments.
  • Reward: 4 000R and Kenway Family Sword [Speed:3 Combo:2 Damage:2]
  • Dig Location: Great Inagua (845,468)



  1. E

    how do I reach the map on great inagua?

    1. South from cadaver’s location, there is a tree that leans. Jump on it and follow path that starts with it.

  2. L

    i noticed its 18 treasures! but its a total of 22 buried treasure! i need help with that

  3. M

    I have 21/22 treasures and the only Naval mission listed here that is available is Scarlatina. I’ve come to the conclusion that the treasure is at Annoto Bay because I have 49/50 underwater chests and its the only smuggler’s den I haven’t found a buried chest at. The website helped me figure out to go to Kenway’s Fleet, but I think Scarlatina leads to Annoto Bay and Great Reputation II might lead to Isla Providencia. Hope that made sense? Thanks. This was the last thing I needed for 100% synch in the game.

    1. Yes it made sense, thank you, I have changed it.

  4. M

    I looked back into this after not recieving a map from Scarlatina. I was wrong. I must have not unlocked the mission “Great Reputation” yet. The Scarlatina gives map for Isla Providencia with 3000R and Elite Fire Barrel Storage and the Great Rep II gives the 4000R at Anotto Bay. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think you had it right the first time ;/

    1. It is not a problem, thank you for letting me know.

  5. C


    I have all treasure – 1..
    All my location are:

    and 179,593.. what location are a missing?

    1. If this are numbers of dig locations. Then following next pattern:

      Coordinate – Dig Location – Number in the list above
      240,607 – Havana – 12
      633,784 – Nassau – 11
      749,625 – Salt Lagoon – 1
      70,405 – Tulum – 19
      606,835 – Abaco Island – 2
      992,442 – Principe – 4
      623,172 – Kingston – 18
      327,334 – Cayman Sound – 3
      333,650 – Matanzas – 22
      307,195 – Misteriosa – 9
      55,178 – Ambergris Key – 8
      565,539 – Jiguey – 13
      525,253 – Long Bay – 10
      442,118 – New Bone – 21
      479,487 – San Juan – 5
      335,469 – Pinos Isle – 20
      579,720 – Andreas Island – 17
      901,263 – Petite Caverne – 7
      679,381 – Cumberland Bay – 15
      502,44 – Isla Providencia – 16
      179,593 – Cape Bonavista – 6

      The number from the list you are missing is number 14 – Dig Location Anotto Bay (621,277). You can acquire treasure map for this location from Kenway’s Fleet, when they finish successfully mission “Great Reputation II” in Mediterranean Sea.

  6. X

    I dont see any mention anywhere on this page of the treasure map that is unlocked by purchasing the Edward Kenway action figure which includes a redeem code. The dig location for it is Great Inagua 845, 468. You only mentioned the cadaver location on this island.

  7. B

    @ x_flash_x: where is the buried treasure chest on Great Inagua 845, 468? I can’t find the right spot to dig. Is there a kind of wooden bridge on the map?

    1. N

      Did u find it? I’ve been looking for it for a whle now.

    2. B

      i have the same map with an wooden bridge leading to a cave… i searched the whole internet but no one has mentioned about this map….. i m starting to think its a glitch……… there is no location like this on the island……… plzz inform if anyone can find this mysterious buried chest.

      1. S

        i found the location but there is no mysterious treasure

  8. S

    Are you going to update and put the map and dig locations for the stuff that you obtain through Kenway’s Fleet? I am having issues finding these.

  9. J
    Jack Winchester

    What’s the coordinates for the treasure map for elite fire barrel storage? :/

    1. Elite fire barrel storage is treasure map that is awarded upon successful completion of mission Scarlatina in East Canada area. You can find East Canada missions in the most northeastern point of North America.

      1. A

        then is it possible to get the elite fire barrel storage without connecting to internet to complete the fleet mission to recieve the map?

        1. I guess not. Some reports say that different plans have switched places, but that is extremely rare.

  10. J

    How can i find the elite round bullets map plz 🙂

    1. If you mean Elite Round Shot Strength you can find it in ship wreck, Kabah Ruins (769,145).

    1. Can you please tell us more about this, is this dig location from redeem code treasure map or …?

        1. Thank you for sending the screenshots, we’ll add them to the guide. If you remember which pack you got it in and what was the prize from digging the treasure out that would help complete the information. Also, if you have a screenshot of the treasure map to add to this information that would be awesome. In any case, thank you very much for your help.

          1. C
            christophe mercier

            Just to let you know, the reward for this buried treasure chest is 4000 Reals

          2. B

            You get this treasure map by redeeming the code you get if you bought the Edward Kenway figurine. You redeem the code in ACInitiates and then you get a code you can enter in-game to receive the treasure map. The chest contains the family sword of Edward Kenway.

    2. C

      Which pack did the code come with?

  11. E

    Hey! I have 19 out of 22 maps, but I can’t find the rest!? The taverns is where you go to get the cadaver-information right? :/ Well, I’v been to all the taverns in the entire game and none of them want to give me any information. Heeelp a noob. Is it a sync problem, I only have 92% ._. ?? bugg?

    1. Have you completed the three treasure maps that come from Kenway’s fleet missions? If you have 3 missing, it might be them.

  12. G

    Hi there chaps, i’ve got quite some trouble finding the one treasure containing the fire barrel extension, and was wondering if i might request a hand 😉

    1. Go to the Southern Isle Providencia’s Viewpoint. South from it you can notice three palms on a small peninsula. Stand between them.

  13. D

    i have found all treasure maps but i have the Elite fire barrel storage left to get how can i find it

    1. Complete mission “Scarlatina” with Kenway’s Fleet. This mission is part of East Canada missions. When you complete it successfully, your fleet brings you Treasure Map for Elite Fire Barrel Storage. With this map proceed to Isla Providencia (502,44). From the Southern Isla Providencia’s viewpoint, walk to the three palms on small peninsula. Between them there is a dig spot where you can find Elite Fire Barrel Storage plan .

      1. S

        how do you do the kenway’s fleet missions?

  14. A

    I am still searching for the location to find the plan for the elite fire barrel storage. But it is not Isla Providencia. Already been there and dug out something else.
    The Map shows a ship wreck, a stone archway (made up of three stones) and a rock. These three are connected by two line and the X that marks the spot is in the middle of those lines.
    Can you tell me which island/location that is?

    1. This map shows coordinates (502,44), right? (502,44) is in Isla Providencia. Do you still have that map in your inventory as it is not completed, and what are the coordinates that are written in lower right corner?

      1. A

        Seems to have been a bug. Today I was standing in the exact same spot and it showed the “dig” action. Thx anyway.

  15. X

    Dude up there who can’t find elite fire barrel storage, 92% and such, I am so sorry, but the main reason y’all can’t get those things is because they are acquired through online mission. So those with falcon and RGH, well, just be satisfied with your ~90%. Lol.

  16. S

    there is also one at the isla a vache tavern …i did see it up there so ya

  17. B

    i cant speak to the guy in the bar in Arroyos, i really cant speak to any bartender in the game to tell me secrets. Help!

    1. Head to cadaver locations that Tavern bartender gives out. There you can find cadavers at the same location as it is pointed out in screenshots and text above. In case of Arroyos, head to Santanillas (221,247), northeastern part of island.

  18. S

    i have a problem with finding. (soory if i dont say the correct words. don´t play with english language) elite shoot damage. alite prodection. elite ´´small canons´´ damage (soory for the names again) can i have som help plz?

    1. Absolutely, just tell us what do you have problem with ?

  19. B

    I can’t talk to any of the bartenders to get their secrets! Help please!

    1. You don’t actually need to talk with them. Proceed to the Cadaver Locations they send you to. You can find cadavers there without them point you i think.

  20. C

    The ones that involve getting the map location from taverns aren’t correct. I’m pretty sure the cadaver location they tell you is random.

    1. It might be, I will replay the game to confirm it.

  21. K

    where can I find the TREASURE MAP for 845, 468??

    1. It is a part of exclusive content. You get it as redeem code.

  22. L

    can you still get the treasure map and social chest for Great Inagua if you have finished the game? I have tried but it will not let me get it

  23. where can i find the swivel shot cadaver

  24. N

    Can give us the missions you need to do get the treasure maps through Kenways Fleet. Please!!

  25. S

    I collected cadaver map for great inagua went to go get treasure and my map was gone any reason why please help thanks

  26. Y

    I have collected all the secrets/cadavers in the game and I do not have anymore treasure maps, but my progress tracker says I have only collected 21 out of 22 chests.
    Any Advice

    1. Have you completed all treasure map related online missions? I would say you might have, as you have 21/22, but you should check it out nonetheless. Checking missed cadaver locations might be pointless if you not at the same island where are they positioned. Happens to me on several occasions.

      1. Y

        yes, I have already checked and double checked all online missions.
        The only thing I can think of is when I collected the cadaver in Great Inagua. I do not believe it added the treasure map to my inventory.
        Is there anything you can do about this?
        Probably not.

        1. Check the Great Inagua Cadaver once more I guess. If you don’t get its treasure map again, you should definitely check its treasure map location on Nassau (633,784) nonetheless. Would be lame if you can’t get them all with all that work you have put in other treasure maps.

          1. Y

            I have re-checked the Great Inagua Cadaver and I have already checked the map location in Nassau multiple times but still no luck.
            I guess its time to give up.
            Thanks for your help.

        2. Bah, too bad. It is kinda strange that you are at 21/22 with all maps completed…. but, what can you do :C …

  27. W

    That ridiculous the great rep takes like 35 hours

  28. C

    I have unlocked all fleet destinations but have been unable to find the cadaver for the last treasure map. Do you know where I can find it?

  29. L

    for the Redeem Code Dig Location to get the kenway family sword does anyone have the code? or know where to get a code?

  30. P

    i cant find Elite Fire Barrel Storage help me

  31. W

    how to find the map treasure for Elite Hull Armor, Elite Mortars AND Elite Broadside Cannons ?

    1. J

      elite mortars

  32. D

    i cant get the chest in Principe i did not get it the first time i was there and ive replayed the mission and obtained it 2 time prior to completing the mission, however when i finish the mission and return to the game the chest doesn’t show up ,and my map is back in my list of maps it says i get the map when im doing the mission but when i go back it will not save. what do i doo

  33. B

    I printed the list in order to cross off those I have found, however, the list in the game does not collaborate with the list(s) above. Some of the coordinates are slightly off by just a few numbers. Is it safe to assume that if they are very close in numbers I can cross them off.

  34. M

    whats the coordnates for an elite round shot

  35. J

    whats the coordnates for elite mortar strength

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