AC4 Mayan Stela Stones Locations Guide

In order to acquire Mayan Outfit, which deflects metal projectiles, you have to find 16 Mayan Stelas and arrange Mayan Stones in correct order. Mayan Stelas are scattered throughout the map, usually one per island (Cape Bonavista, Cat Island, Great Inagua, Tulum, Tortuga, Matanzas, New Bone and Long Bay), but on some islands you can find two Stelas: Pinos Isle, Misteriosa, Santanillas and Isla Providencia. In order to reach Isla Providencia and Long Bay Islands you should progress through your main story.

When you find a Mayan Stela, you have to solve a puzzle and reveal stones that each Stela hides. The Mayan Outfit is hidden behind a secret door in Tulum, that can be opened after collecting 16 Mayan Stones. When you finish the mission The Memory 04 Overrun and Outnumbered, talk to James Kidd, who will unveil a hidden location of Mayan Outfit.

1. Cape Bonavista Mayan Stone

2. Cat Island Mayan Stone

3. Great Inagua Mayan Stone

Note: Mission “This Old Cove”, where you follow James Kidd takes you to this location. Finding this Mayan Stone is part of the mission.

4. Tulum Mayan Stone

5. Tortuga Mayan Stone

6. Matanzas Mayan Stone

7. Pinos Isle Mayan Stone I

8. Pinos Isle Mayan Stone II

9. Misteriosa Mayan Stone I

10. Misteriosa Mayan Stone II

11. New Bone Mayan Stone

12. Santanillas Mayan Stone I

13. Santanillas Mayan Stone II

14. Isla Providencia Mayan Stone I

15. Isla Providencia Mayan Stone II

16. Long Bay Mayan Stone

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24 thoughts on “AC4 Mayan Stela Locations Guide

      1. crystal

        I’m on some unnamed island in punta guarico (876, 377) it’s a warehouse island I guess. I haven’t seen it in any of the guides I’ve looked at, and the puzzle will not line up no matter what I do. Any ideas?

    1. Lokesh Post author

      Are you absolutely sure you are at the right position and that you have 16/16 ? There are two entrances to this room, and they both look the same. Just to be extra sure, mark its position on map before you approach it.

  1. George Foreman

    I think its pretty dumb for Ubisoft to hide one of the Mayan stelae on Long Bay Island. This means you can’t get the Mayan armor until the end of sequence 11, at the earliest. Why would I want armor that blocks bullets when there are like 4 memories left in the main story???

  2. reasoning

    Thanks homie for the help you have no idea how much time I’ve wasted looking for the last 3 stones ( long bay and isla provedencia) I did it all… nuked those forts, pulled a Marco Polo and explored the old Mayan ruins (lmfao poor badtards) but for some reason I couldn’t find the locations to the last ones. Until I found this gray wall along this island at the edge of world (game map) than I read that.. . You can’t access it?!?! Because of your memory?

    Dear game creators… you f***** up. Why would you block parts of the map off. Don’t make it a free world if you won’t let me go where I want to go. Don’t give some bull pie story of memory… like the movies would say …. (smiles) PIRATE!!!!

  3. Zach

    I forgot to talk to mary after the mission, and i only came back to the island after i finished the game. Can i still get the armor even though i didn’t talk to her?


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