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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Errors and how to solve them

Battlefield 4 launched with several issues, some of them have been fixed with the latest patches, but some crashes and errors still spoil the game. In the list below we covered a number of issues and if you are looking for a solution, take a look at the following conclusions.

dead rising 3 PP trials

Dead Rising 3 PP Trials Guide

The easiest way to earn Prestige Points (PP) is by completing 59 challenges marked as PP Trials. The list of available PP Trials can be found under the Player Tab, and their number increases as you progress through the game.

HMS Prince Legendary Ship

AC4 Legendary Ships Guide

In four corners of Caribbean Islands’ map, you can find five Legendary Ships. They are designed as extremely tough ships, level 75, with devastating fire power, and large amount of health. The battle begins once you get close enough, about 500 meters.