Fortnite BR Junk Junction Chest Locations - Week 3 Challenge

Search chests in Junk Junction is one of the new weekly challenges from the Fortnite BR Battlepass. This area is located in the far northwest of the map. There is a large llama on the hill above the zone, that can be seen from the distance, and it is a useful landmark. This guide is going to help you by showing you Fortnite BR Junk Junction chest locations.

chests locations junk junction fortnite
Fortnite BR Junk Junction Chest Locations – Week 3 Challenge

Where to find chests in Junk Junction?

The first few chests will be located inside the main building. As you land, look for it in the middle of the area – it’s the one made of bricks, with a blue metal rooftop. There is one chest on top of the second floor, in the part with the flat roof. If you land on the flat rooftop, you’ll see two doors. The southern door leads into a small room with a chest. The second door leads downstairs, near the metal staircase. You’ll find another chest in the nearby room – the one with windows facing the central yard. It’s in the corner, hidden behind a large wooden box.

There’s another chest in the part with the blue tin roof. You can get to it if you break the southern part of the rooftop. In the eastern part of Junk Junction, there is a small brick house. If you break the back wall, you’ll discover a secret room with a chest.

The next couple of chests are found in the central yard. These are the ones that people usually go for first, as they can be seen from the air. In the central yard, there is a small metal platform with a machine that has a giant magnet. Right next to it, there is a chest. In the northeastern part of Junk Junction, close to the basketball court, there is an orange metal shelf, with a chest in the bottom.


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