Gwent Deck Builder

Our Gwent Deck Builder helps you plan out decks you will play in Gwent: the Witcher Card Game. This tool is meant to provide you with the opportunity to create a good deck even when you don’t have access to the game.
Our online Gwent Deck Builder acts the same as the one in the game. You have to pick a faction and the leader you will play. This allows you to pick from all the available neutral and faction cards in the game. To help you narrow down the cards you want to add you should use the filters. You can filter the available cards by name, rarity and type. Once you have completed your deck you can use the link at the bottom to share it with your friends and other players. This is the first version of the Gwent deck builder and very soon you will have the option to create guides for your decks, vote on other people’s decks and check out the most popular ones on our website. There are still some visual problems that will be resolved in the next release. We hope the Gwent community finds this tool helpful and stay tuned for more GosuNoob Gwent goodness.

Pick a Gwent Faction/Leader


Keep a random Neutral or Monsters unit on your side of the battlefield at the end of each round.

Northern Realms

Whenever a Gold unit appears on your side of the battlefield, add 2 to its strength.


At the beginning of one round per match, you can choose who plays first.


At the end of each round, add 1 strength to the original value of every unit in your hand, deck and graveyard.


After drawing cards at the start of Rounds 2 and 3, redraw up to 1 card in your hand.
Total cards
min 25/max 40
Silver cards
max 6
Gold cards
max 4

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