Street Fighter V Ryu Introduction Trailer Released

The latest trailer for Street Fighter 5 is all about Ryu, who is the closest the series have ever gotten to having a main character. The video shows off some new moves he has, as well as old ones in new clothes.

Ryu is a vagabond, a fighter who travels the world seeking to improve his skills.
If you’ve had experience with the series before, you’ll surely remember the Hadoken and Shoryuken, his signature moves. The developers from Capcom take pride in Ryu’s versatility – they claim he’s the best starting choice for newcomers, but also extremely dangerous in the hands of a pro. We’ve all felt the burn of a Dragon Punch before. His V skill will allow him to parry any attack that isn’t a throw.

The release date for Street Fighter V has been set to February 16th. It will appear on PC and Playstation 4, with cross-platform multiplayer. There’s no word of an Xbox One release yet.

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