Tomb Raider Previous Inhabitants Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Previous Inhabitants Challenge objective: Burn four Banners of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Cliffside Bunker area. You can use fire arrows or torches.

Previous Inhabitants no.1

The first banner is at the entrance of the gun bunker, on the wall behind the destroyed cannon.

Previous Inhabitants no.2

Inside the main bunker, in a huge room full of enemies, look up, and you will see the second poster. You can burn it with a fire arrow.

Previous Inhabitants no.3

The third banner is on the main bunker’s rooftop.

Previous Inhabitants no.4

The last banner is on the crane, above the crashed truck near the Endurance Overlook day camp. You can see it from the bunker’s rooftop.

10 thoughts on “Tomb Raider Previous Inhabitants Challenge Locations

  1. Ondrej

    Thanks for the hint! I got all the other collectibles, but after spending too much time to go through the cliffside base without any luck finding the fourth flag, I weakened and Googled 🙂


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