Tomb Raider Silencer Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Silencer challenge objective: Destroy four alarms with Pry Axe in the Shantytown.

Silencer n.1

The first alarm is on the top of the ripped sunshade in the Shantytown.

Silencer n.2

The main story leads you to the second part of the Shantytown, where Lara will be ambushed by enemies.
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They will use an alarm to get reinforcement, and you should destroy it.

Silencer n.3

Upon destroying the second alarm use a zipline to access the tower where you can find the third alarm. It’s a point when you should complete part of the main story “Find your way to Grim“.

Silencer n.4

This alarm can be found on the windmill.



  1. S

    I already find all missing items overall. Why my completion 98 only? any other missing?

  2. R
    Rober LeRoy Miller

    Well i “recun” 98% is better than you’ve ever done in an English class, so you probably haven’t finished upgrading all your weapons either.and there are at least 2 “hidden” trophy/achievements that may affect your completion percentage.

    1. H

      This person’s speech pattern shows pretty clearly that English is likely not their primary language.
      Way to be an ass, though. I’m sure you did so fantastically in English class that you get to be grammar’s heroic crusader. Congrats. Your advice is wrong, by the way. Achievements don’t affect your completion percentage. They probably forgot something they meant to go back to later, maybe a last mushroom in redcap roundup.
      Even if English IS their primary language, your commentary is not necessary. It must be nice to be so special.

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