Ambergris Key TM Chest Location


  1. There’s a lot of great information here about the treasure maps and how to find the Misteriosa treasure chest.

    Unfortunately, there’s no info on this site or any other that describes how to get to the cadaver on Ambergris Key in the first place. One cannot get to a treasure chest without first obtaining the map, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get on the island where the cadaver is with the map.

    Obviously, there’s a way to get the map, but I’ve spent over two hours so far trying to, and I can’t figure it out for the life of me!

    1. L

      Go into the wreck
      there will be a cave and smuggler chests will be inside, climb up to the ledge and kill everything, then the map will be straight from where you came in…

  2. H
    Here to help!

    Hey Terry! First off, make sure that you are in possession of the diving bell. Once you are, merely bring your ship to rest at the side of the dive site and the “Stop” command (B on Xbox, O on PS3) should shift to “dock” as if you were actually docking at an island.

    You’ll see a brief cutscene of Edward hanging on to a diving bell as it sinks with him under the ocean. What you want to do then is (carefully!) swim through the jellyfish-infested tunnel, taking care to use both air pockets on your way.

    Once you come to the ruins entrance, I’ve found that using your rope dagger (since you can keep that and nothing else) to get rid of the first guy barring access helps a lot. Then simply climb up the fallen beam and sneak your way over to where the cadaver is located on the screencap.

    On your minimap, the cadaver is actually indicated by a treasure map icon. If you bring up your map and have your marker hover over that icon, it will actually *snap* to the icon’s location. When that happens, hit the “place custom marker” button (A for Xbox, X for PS3) and exit your map. The cadaver should actually have an icon now floating over it’s location, making the skeleton significantly easier to notice.

    I hope that this helped!

    1. A

      you can also just fist fight everyone

    2. S
      Sandro della Venetta

      +Here to help! you forgot to tell him that first he needs to find ac4 icon on his desktop and then right click ‘open as administrator’ press play amd so on…. and then you just say ‘use air pockets’ i mean wow!!!

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