Assassin's Creed 4 Wild Pig Locations

wild pig ac 4The wild pig or boar is a large cousin of the domesticated pig covered by hairy bristles. They were introduced by Europeans to the Caribbean basin (Columbus himself brought eight pigs with him from Spain).
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Wild pigs flourished in the island environment and were hunted by sailors and pirates to provide salted pork on their voyages.

Wild Pig Details

Locations: Cape Bonavista
Items:Bone, Wild Pig Hide
Bone: Selling Price:50R
Ingredient for: Sleep Dart (1x), Berserk Dart (1x), Rope Dart (1x)
Wild Pig Hide:Selling Price: 150R
Ingredient for: Pistol Ammo Pouch I (2x)
wild pig location in cape bonavista On the Cape Bonavista island you can make a real fortune quickly and easily. In the north-west part of the map, you will come across a place between mountains and a small river. If you direct a drove of pigs towards mountain, you can easily kill them all with a sword.
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