Assassin's Creed 4 Wild Pig Locations

wild pig ac 4The wild pig or boar is a large cousin of the domesticated pig covered by hairy bristles. They were introduced by Europeans to the Caribbean basin (Columbus himself brought eight pigs with him from Spain). Wild pigs flourished in the island environment and were hunted by sailors and pirates to provide salted pork on their voyages.

Wild Pig Details

Locations: Cape Bonavista
Items:Bone, Wild Pig Hide
Bone: Selling Price:50R
Ingredient for: Sleep Dart (1x), Berserk Dart (1x), Rope Dart (1x)
Wild Pig Hide:Selling Price: 150R
Ingredient for: Pistol Ammo Pouch I (2x)
wild pig location in cape bonavista On the Cape Bonavista island you can make a real fortune quickly and easily. In the north-west part of the map, you will come across a place between mountains and a small river. If you direct a drove of pigs towards mountain, you can easily kill them all with a sword.
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