Burnley Comms Tower Unlock Guide

While trying to unlock the Burnley GCR tower you, like many others (including me), might have come across a glitch where Batman can’t climb into a ventilation shaft. This mostly occurs on PC and XBox versions of the game.
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I’ll describe first where the tower is and the first steps to get into it and than there’s a video showing a bug you can exploit to actually unlock the comms tower. We are hoping WB Games will release a patch very soon to address this issue.

Burnley Comms tower is located in the east part of the district. You want to approach the building with the tower on it from the south. There is a window close to the top of the building. You will also notice that you can use your remote claw gadget in between the window and next door building. Do this and zipline through the window. There will be a fake comm station inside you can decipher, but Enigma tells you things won’t be that easy this time. If you look up you will se a vent grate you can pull on with your batclaw. This is where the bug happens. If you can enter the vent you will climb up on top of the building and disable the real jamming device. Here are some screenshot showing the first part.

Now, if you got stuck, you might be in the room with locked windows and can’t get out. Fast travel to the nearest drop point and come back to Burnley tower. The video bellow, posted by Steam user Kein Zantezuken in this thread, shows a bug you can exploit to jump over the fences and land on the rooftop and hack the jamming device. This will unlock the tower. It took a few tries, but it’s doable. If you are playing on the PC some people say that you want to turn off Physx in the game options for this to work, and others say to turn it on. Just try a few times and than change the physx setting just in case.

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  1. M

    after more than an hour of trying it worked the physx was off

  2. Y

    it works!!! thanks!

    1. Nice! You are welcome 😀 .

  3. P

    thank you so much, this solution works flawlessly. I zip-lined in, tore down the grate, grappled back to the zipline, dropped down outside the window, hacked the fake relay (bars go up), then went around the corner killed the thugs and used the sign on the adjacent building to get on top of the pipe. From there, just as you showed, I dropped down between the wall and the pipe, crouched, then with the camera still facing the wall, walked into the crux of the pipe. Presto, 20 foot jump over the bars. You should get a medal for breaking games so much that you fix them.

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      islam zidan

      was the physx on or off

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    u rockzz bro…… 😀 (Y)

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    THANK YOU FOR THIS BRO! you are awesome!

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    akshay singh

    batman got freezes between pipe and wall while doing this.pls help

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    The minute i finished watching the video, i stopped playing Batman and started up FF7 again 😀

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    batman freezes between pipe and wall while doing this.pls help

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    You’d think it won’t work but.. YEAH IT DID!!!! THANKS!!! 😀

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    Worked like a charm. Thanks man

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