Andreas Island Map of Collectible Locations

Assassin’s Creed 4 has many minor locations you can visit and find collectibles on. Andreas Island is one of those.
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You can come across these by following the main storyline, or just by sailing the seas and coming across them. There are not that many collectibles in these minor locations, but some of them are needed for 100% game completion. You can see all collectibles marked on the map bellow and we included screenshot guides for those we thought you might need some help with.

Andreas Island has the following collectables marked on our map:
  • Animus Fragments: 2
  • Assassin Contracts: 2
  • Cadaver: 1
  • Chests: 5
  • Letter: 1
  • Manuscript: 1
  • Viewpoints: 1
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map of Andreas Island

assassin contracts

Name: The Treasure Hunter
Notes: The only two assassination contracts on Andreas Island map can be collected in the pigeon house at the southern part of Andreas Island.
The Treasure Hunter contract takes you to Abaco Island, you have already visited, if you followed the main mission. Use fast travel to reach Abaco Island. You will be teleported to a tree branch just above the area in front of your target’s tent. Wait until he shows up, and simply put him out of his misery by jumping on him. This action rewards 1500R in total (1000R for kill, 500R as bonus for stealth kill).

Andreas Island Pigeon house map location.

The Treasure Hunter target map location.

assassin contracts

Name: A Slaver’s Business
Notes: This is the second contract mission on Adreas Island. The target is on the same Island, just a few steps east of the area where you pick up the contract. There is no reward for a stealth kill. Contract rewards you with 1000R only for killing the target. The target comes with a large ship, that docks to a nearby wooden pier. When you approach him via water the ship moves away, while the target stays on the pier. If you prefer a silent kill you can do it after climbing up from water at the end of the pier.


Notes: This treasure map is on a cadaver, near a wrecked ship’s hull.


Notes: This is one of the tree secrets that can be found on Adreas Island. Letter in this bottle hides the story about “A Curiouse Incident at Seat”

Upon my Rowte to the West Indies, a Curiouse incident aroused in me a Revelation. It was a wanton Act of Violence that I witness’d Pyrate named Savory who had come aboard to Work off his Debts as an honest Christian, yet died a Devil full of Drink after …


Notes: This manuscript is part of Andreas Island secrets completion task. There are two guards next to the chest. You can easily approach them from behind, and assassinate without any alarm.

Manuscript reveals: “De Gama Diary Extract” – Extract from the diary of Vasco de Gama, one likely owner or scholar of the Voynich manuscript or one of its copies. Taken from the collection of Peter Beckford.

Adreas Island Manuscript map location.
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