Abaco Island Map of Collectible Locations

Assassin’s Creed 4 has many minor locations you can visit and find collectibles on. Abaco Island is one of those.
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You can come across these by following the main storyline, or just by sailing the seas and coming across them. There are not that many collectibles in these minor locations, but some of them are needed for 100% game completion. You can see all collectibles marked on the map bellow and we included screenshot guides for those we thought you might need some help with.

Abaco Island has the following collectables marked on our map:
  • Animus Fragments: 3
  • Cadaver: 1
  • Chests: 1
  • Letter: 1
  • Viewpoints: 1
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map of Abaco Island


Notes: Treasure map next to a cadaver counts as the second Abaco Island secret. It sends you to Salt Lagoon Island (so actual treasure you can dig for is not on Abaco island). Salt Lagoon is a small island where the main mission takes you to. Go towards the northernmost Salt Lagoon rock. Just south, between the rock and palm leaves, where you can safely land after a fall, is a dig spot.
Rewards are: 3000 R and Plan Serpent Figurehead (available in the captain’s cabin).


Notes: Bottle with a letter is hidden on the south part of the island, on a beach, next to grassy patch. Letter inside the bottle hides “Peter Beckford the Elder” story.

Collecting this item, completes one secret. The second secret is a treasure map on a cadaver.
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