Cape Bonavista Mayan Stela Locations Guide

We marked all Mayan Stela on the map bellow to help you locate all collectibles in Cape Bonavista. We also included screenshots guides and walkthroughs for those harder to get items, just in case you were having trouble finding them based on location alone.
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Other collectibles in Cape Bonavista are also marked on the map and if you can click on them they will tkae you to a guide dedicated to them (if not, you should be able to find them based on location alone).
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map of Cape Bonavista
Notes: Interact with Mayan Stela stone pillar while standing on the top of the Stone. The result is a new task. You should position the shape on the highlighted objects (3 rocks), by rotating the shape. There is only one possible way to complete the task. Keep rotating the shape until you succeed. When you successfully complete the task, approach a dig spot, and uncover the first Mayan Stone.
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