Havana Assassin Contracts Locations Guide

Assassin’s Creed 4 has many collectibles to be found in the game. We marked all Assassin Contracts on the map of Havana so you can locate them easier. Some of them have detailed explanations and screenshots attached, especially if they gave us trouble while looking for them. On the map bellow you can also see other collectible types and you can click on them to see guides for other collectible types as well.
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map of Havana
Name: Beach Bonfire
Notes: There are five assassin contracts available on Havana map. Once collected, the contract will give you directions where to find your target. Each contract offers a reward of 1000R, plus an additional bonus if you finish it, without causing alarm.

Location of the first assassin contract is shown on the screenshot no.1. In order to kill your target without causing alarm, approach this area from the east. There are two bushes where you can hide into and wait for your contract to come close. In that moment, assassinate him, and collect additional 500R for stealth bonus, 1500R total.

Assassination target map location.
Name: No More Taxes
Notes: The next assassin contract can be picked in the north part of the map (screenshot no. 2) coordinates: 240, 607. In order to gain silent kill bonus, clear any possible enemies on rooftops. After that, wait for the right moment, and perform jump kill. Bonus 500R and the main price give you total 1500R.
Name: A Shipment Of Powder
Notes: Assassin contract can be picked on the map location: 240,607 (south part of the map area). Approach assassination target from water. As he reaches the end of a dock, perform take down attack. This action awards 500R as silent bonus kill, 1500R total.
Name: The Spanish Commander
Notes: Contract for this target is located in the center of the map.Kill two guards on rooftops, then drop down on Commander’s head. You are going to trigger alarm, but contract rewards: 500R for silent kill, 1000R for kill, are already acquired.

Commander is waiting for you here.
Name: Unlicensed Dealer
Notes: Another contract in the central map area. Defeat guards on the rooftops, without alerting others. Mark your assassination target, wait for him to come closer, then jump on target for clean kill. 1500R is reward in total, where 500R comes as stealth bonus.

Location whee Unlicensed Dealer takes place.
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