Havana Manuscript Locations Guide

Assassin’s Creed 4 has many collectibles to be found in the game. We marked all Manuscript on the map of Havana so you can locate them easier. Some of them have detailed explanations and screenshots attached, especially if they gave us trouble while looking for them. On the map bellow you can also see other collectible types and you can click on them to see guides for other collectible types as well.
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map of Havana
Notes: On the Havana map you can collect six manuscripts. Most of them can be easily spotted, but this one has different approach.

The manuscript is hidden inside a chest, in a western tower of the fortress. The only way to approach it is by jumping onto wooden beams that stick out from the fortress’s wall. Start climbing up from the western part of the fortress ground level, until you reach the middle of the fortres’ northwestern wall, where you should xtart climbing down.

Wooden beams on the western part of the fortress.

Climbing down from the middle of northwestern wall.
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