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Templar Armor Keys Hunt starts with the mission “This Old Cove” in Great Inagua. As you follow James Kidd through the Island, you’ll discover a mansion with great treasure and Templar Armor locked in a cage.
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Kenway opens one lock at this point. He realizes that he still needs 4 more keys to open it. After opening the map, bought from Governor Torres, locations of other 4 keys are revealed. You can start looking for the keys in any order you prefer.Their names are
  1. Templar Hunt Opia Apito – starts in Cayman Sound (327,334). Continues in Grand Cayman (397,324), ends in Pinos Isle (335,469);
  2. Templar Hunt Rhona Dinsmore – starts and ends in Havana (240,607);
  3. Templar Hunt Anto – starts and ends in Kingston (623,172)
  4. Templar Hunt Vance Travers – starts and ends in Nassau (633,784)
ac4 templar armorAlong with the key, as main reward, each mission gives money reward as well (from 150R up to 1500R). Grand prize is the Templar Armor – Pride of the Templars, a light and flexible armor that offers increased resistance to enemy attacks.

Templar Hunt Opia Apito

Templar Hunt Opia ApitoOpia Apito starts in Cayman Sound (327,334) when you approach and interact with Opia Apito.

The Taino Assassin

Within this mission objective, you should hunt down and skin more animals than Opia. Open up your map and look for green circled areas. Within these areas you can find animals, but be prepared since Opia will hunt alongside with you in the same area. As you finally win this battle another objective shows up: Survive and kill the jaguar. This one can be pretty hard as the jaguar can easily kill you if you are without ammo for guns or darts, so, if you can, save some for this part of the mission.

Templar Ships

This mission objective starts on Grand Cayman (397,324). This island is to the east of the Cayman Sound, the island where you started Templar Hunt #1. In order to complete this part, you should find Alvin, eavesdrop on him, and steal the ledger he is carrying by pick-pocketing him.

Right-hand Man

Upon completing the previous part, return to Alvin’s start location, and find Opia. She’ll ask you to hide, while she lures your target Vargas. Instead, he’ll run away towards a ship in the Grand Cayman port. Follow him and incapacitate his ship with Jackdaw. When you get on Varga’s ship, and complete the boarding task a cutscene starts where Vargas gives you the information about where to find the key.

The Trail of Lucia Marquez

Travel to Pinos Isle (335,469) to start the last mission of Templar Hunt #1. At the southern part of the island Opia waits for you. When a soldier appears follow him until you reach a group of 4 guards. You can easily kill them if you shoot at the red barrels nearby. Your final target Lucia Marquez shows up. Track her down and kill her.

Templar Hunt Rhona Dinsmore

Havana Templar Hunt 2 Rhone DinsmoreTemplar Hunt Rhona Dinsmore starts in southern Havana (240,607) after the interaction with Rhona Dinsmore.

Bureau under attack

This is a fun event. This objective requires you to defend Rhona from groups of attacking soldiers. They’ll come after 30 seconds. During this pause look for the powder kegs next to Rhona and take them to nearby stairs (and later make them explode), because the soldiers will come from that direction when the timer runs out.

A Thief in the Market

Interact with Rhona again to start the next hunt objective. Locate a pickpocket in a market, catch him and grab his loot.

Arms Race

Go back to Rhona and start another quest to ignite and destroy 3 powder reserves. They are marked on the map and guarded by soldiers.

Flint’s End

This time Rhona is next to a general store, north of the position where you took the previous objective. Follow Rhona to a nearby dock, then track down and assassinate Flint. Be sure not to leave Rhona alone since she can die easily.

Templar Hunt Anto

Kingston Templar Hunt 03 AntoTemplar Hunt Anto starts in Kingston (623,172) when you approach and interact with Anto.

The Maroon Assassin

Guards that you should eavesdrop on are west of you. Keep your distance as they can turn and spot you. To make the task easier walk with other residents of Havana, or even hire a group of dancers. This makes eavesdropping task “classy”, as it removes the need to jump over roofs or hide behind house corners in order to stay undetected. As the conversation ends, catch one of the guards by running into them.

Recruiting Maroons

Find Anto north of Kingston’s tavern. This mission objective requires freeing 3 slaves. They are in three different positions in Kingston. As you approach them use the factor of surprise to your advantage and jump onto guards from high ground for clean and fast kills.

Under Attack

Anto is again at the position from where you started Templar Hunt #3. This is another fun objective. Defend the bureau from soldiers while using 30 second timer between their attacks to kill the ambushing enemies that spawn in three different places around the bureau. Smoke bombs are more than great for this occasion.

The Commander’s ruse

Anto is now located east of the main crossroad in northern Kingston. Final task requires you to tail the guards. If you hire nearby dancers you can do this smoothly. As they move east, they reach a compound with many soldiers. This is where you gain a new objective: “Locate the real target”. Activate eagle vision towards green circle areas on the map to reveal and kill Kenneth Abraham. As you proceed from the southern green map area, you can guess that he is at the most northern one. He tends to walk near the well, ring bell, and bushes at the west side of the compound. Wait for him there and take him out with ease.

Templar Hunt 04 – Vance Travers

Nassau Templar Hunt 04 Vance TraversTemplar Hunt 04 starts in Nassau (633,784) as you approach and interact with Vance Travers.

Oh Brother…

This task has three steps. Locate and follow Upton’s men northwest of where you started the Templar hunt. They lead you to Upton Travers, whom you are supposed to kill. You can avoid his guards by climbing on nearby rooftops. Jump from there onto Upton or use berserk darts.

The Other Brother

Upton Travers is your new mission giver. You can find him in eastern Nassau. Follow Upton now. Soon enough, he is going to tell you to hide in foliage, as his brother is supposed to come. Follow them both, while protecting them from thiefs. The first one shows up as they stop for the first time. The second one approaches as they get close to gallows. If you run toward the gallows and hide in the foliage, there is a big chance that the thief will not show up at all. To bring this objective to an end, eavesdrop on the conversation between Vance and the Jing Lang. After that hunt down and kill Upton’s killer.

Upton’s Sorrow

Upton that gives this objective can be found in Nassau tavern. As the first part of this objective you are supposed to defend Upton as he gets into a fist fight. Be sure not to push the first group of tavern brawlers toward the nearby audience. If you do so, other brawlers will join the fight, making it hard to protect Upton, or even yourself. The second part requires escorting Upton to safety. As you kill guards irritated by Upton’s your mission ends.

Queen of Pirates, Kings of Fools

Find Upton west of Nassau tavern to start this mission. This mission has a simple task to track down and kill Vance and Jing Lang. They can be found in western Nassau (Western part of crocodile’s swamp).
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