Assassin's Creed 4 Naval Contract Locations

There are 15 Naval Contracts in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Naval contracts can be obtained in fortresses.
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They require hunting down ships that are part of the contract, protecting ally ships or collecting different amounts of resources. Completing half of them, you receive The Ranger figurehead and Queen Anne’s Revenge wheel. Completing all of them you receive achievement/trophy “Sea Legs“, gilded sails (blue sails with golden marks) and golden flintlock pistols (damage 5, stun 5, range 3). Alongside these great prizes, each naval contract rewards additional money, as well as sank/boarded ship’s loot. Reward range goes from 1200R at the bottom of the line, 1800R as a middle of the line reward, and 2400R for the toughest, highest one.

1. Dry Tortuga (254,749) – Private Escort (Naval Contract 07)

You are supposed to protect Neptuno, ally ship, from attacks of enemies that comes with 3x gunboats in the first wave and 3x brigs as the second. Mortars are great help here, since they enable you to attack them from distance, before they even reach Neptuno. Mission reward is 2400R and difficulty labeled by game as 5/5.

2. Eluthera (726,784) – A Spanish Plague (Naval Contract 03)

Sink three Spanish gunboats to get 1200R. This is level 1/5 difficulty naval contract. Spanish gunboats are close to Eluthera fort. Open up map and head towards the closest group.

3. Gibara (657,521) – Silk on the Waves (Naval Contract 05)

This is a rather easy contract. You should collect and give silk to your contract’s contact. If you have it in your stock, as you take this contract, it gets automatically done and you can collect 1200R prize immediately. For some reason this contract has level 2/5 difficulty.

4. Punta Guarico – Weathering the Storm (Naval Contract 13)

This level 1/5 difficulty and 1200R prize contract requires you to locate and sink British ships. The most difficult thing beside ship numbers (3 brigs and 2 gunboats) is the weather. Weather gets really bad, as you approach them, and you should avoid big waves as well.

5a. Navassa (728,219) – Blind Justice (Naval Contract 08)

1800R money reward and 4/5 difficulty mission. To claim its prize, you should sink 3x level 17 brigs. They are protecting your main target, British man o’ var, that is hiding in a small cove, just behind the three brigs you just defeated.

5b. Navassa (728,219) – A Personal Matter (Naval Contract 15)

1800R and 4/5 difficulty mission. This mission has a simple task, find and sink “HMS Defiance” ship. It doesn’t have any escort, you can use the ramming tactics, with swift heavy shot fire, with additional flavor of fire barrels.

6. Cabo de Cruz (566,390) – Driftwood (Naval Contract 04)

In order to receive 1800R for this level 4/5 difficulty mission, you should loot 60 wood out of crates. If you have it already on your ship, mission is completed without any need to go out there again.

7. Castillo de Jagua (356,559) – Eye for an Eye (Naval Contract 01)

Eye for an Eye naval difficulty level 3/5 mission rewards 1800R. This mission requires you to board, not sink, level 23 frigate. When you board it, be sure to kill the required amount of crew before destroying enemy ship’s flag, as this will remove the stress of moving down. Mission ends when you choose what you want to do with the ship.

8a. Conttoyor (102,547) – The Law Of The Ocean (Naval Contract 02)

1800R and 3/5 difficulty naval mission sends you to the ambush location, south of where you took the mission. As you approach it, cut scene starts and group of 5 ships show up south of you. The ship called Hercules is your main target. You can sink others but you need to board Hercules. This is one of the ships you do not actually need to board, as you can reach the goal of boarding by killing 10 members of its crew with your swivel gun.

8b. Conttoyor (102,547) – The Realities of War (Naval Contract 10)

This level 5/5 difficulty and 2400R reward mission requires you to locate your allies. As you approach their location you receive new mission objective “Sink the Spanish convoy”. There are 2 ships brigs/frigates as the first attack wave and 3 ships, one man o’ war and 2 brigs/frigates as the part of the second attack squad. Once again, mortars are your best friends, as you can hurt them just enough so they don’t pose any real threat as you close your distance to them.

9a. Chinchorro (124,357) – Contraband (Naval Contract 06)

2400R and 5/5 difficulty mission. If you want to complete this contract you should sink 1x Spanish frigate and 2x Spanish brigs. There are couple of level 38 Frigates and level 25 Brigs in the area around Chinchorro. Open up your map and identify the closest group of ships. With a bit of luck, you should find all of them there.

9b. Chinchorro (124,357) – Smuggler’s Den (Naval Contract 14)

2400R and 5/5 difficulty mission. Completing this contract requires heading southwest of Chinchorro to the large cove. Large group of 6 ships are awaiting for you in front of it. One man o’ war, 2x brigs/frigates, and 2x gunboats compose the blockade. Take them by surprise. Do not alarm them too early by firing mortars at them, instead, approach them until you are fairly close and take one by one. If you keep close to them, other ships that are part of this group will not fire at you, as they do not shoot when ally ships are around.

10. Serranilla (347,140) – The Final Contract (Naval Contract 09)

2400R and 5/5 difficulty mission. This contract sends you on a quest to find and protect pirate ship “The Hollander”. The toughest part of this contract is the fact that “The Hollander” is known to be under constant fire of enemy ships. First attack group of ships comes with couple of level 17 brigs. They are rather fast ships. Protect “The Hollander” by rushing towards them. Do not waste all your mortar shots. Save them for the second attack group. They come with level 60 man o’ war. This ship has a lot of health. Get its attention by firing mortars at him. Do not lose “The Hollander” out of your sight, as other ships that you might miss, can go after him.

11a. Charlotte (470,272) – Hunter Gatherer (Naval Contract 11)

2400R and 5/5 difficulty mission. Hunter Gatherer contract requires you to sink 2 hunter ships. You need to raise your wanted level to attract hunter ships. This can be done by sinking other ships without lowering your wanted level. As you sink other ships, cross swords icon above your ship’s health bar fills up. As it goes full red, hunter ships are sent after you. When you defeat the first one, you can wait for the other one to spawn, or simply continue your pirate rush until the other one spawns.

11b. Charlotte (470,272) – Papers, Please (Naval Contract 12)

2400R and 5/5 difficulty mission. Contract with a simple task; find and sink “HMS Courage”. This man o’ war should be rather easy to sink, as it has no escort.
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  1. D

    A Spanish Plague (Naval Contract 03) was so idiotic, before I accepted the contract there were spaniards everywhere around that area, but after I accepted it, I could only see british ships. Seriously I went out to Nassau and all that northen area of the map, found only couple of spanish ships, what were not gunboats… That was poorly made mission, and so frustrating.

    1. C

      Same thing happened to me. It was a stupid mission.

    2. C

      Yeah… stupid mission. I am currently just plundering until I find one…
      I found 2 right off, but before I got them into mortar range, a british ship sunk them. I sunk the british ship…

      1. N
        naval man

        I accepted the mission and then restartet assassins creed, after that a group of 3 cannonboats was nearby and the mission was finished fast

    3. A
      Assassin's Creed Master

      Lol Nassau is a British controlled area (Supposedly) You need to go towards Havana or some Spanish forts. I know the mission was terrible, but I was able to complete it as of arriving in the Havana area.

  2. H

    For some reason the Final Contract does not seem to come up for me when I am at its supposed fort

    1. J

      That mission appears after you complete the other 14 missions.

      1. R

        i have completed 14 missons but i still cant do the last one

        1. T

          I’ ve got the same issue. It shows that there is a contract (0/1) at the fort in the very south/slightly west (rated hard) but when I go there the fort still looks like it is under attack and there is no guy to give me the contract. The people who will remove your wanted level and repair/upgrade your ship are there and i am able to interact with them though. I smell a bug.

          1. W

            Same here. Any clue how to fix it or if you need to be past a certain part in the main story mode?

          2. @Wiseninja
            I remember there was one mission within a fort later on in the game. Although I had previously conquered it, people inside of it were still fighting when I reached it. Maybe you need to pass over this mission before you can take contract?

          3. W

            It doesn’t work. I’ve finished the game and it still hasn’t worked.

          4. M
            Mehdi Boumour

            Sorry for double post.
            For you, i have found the Fix, you have to restart that mission from the progress tracker.
            This works fine for me.
            Have fun !

          5. M

            Actually, you probably had the same thing that happened to me… there is something at 567, 390 that I guess I started and did not finish. I figured that out by going into progress tracker and looking at Naval contracts and scrolling through until I found one that was Gray… Mine was called Driftwood (co-ordinates are above – It’s sort of hidden and does not stand out when scanning map for incompletes…)

            I know like years later, but I bought this on Steam summer sale and figure why not just in case it buggers someone else.

      2. S

        no, it really doesnt.

  3. B

    got me a bug somehow, i’ve completed every naval mission, got rewards (sails etc.) but i didn’t get 100% sync in castillo de jagua, still missing one mission even though i did it 2 days ago.

    1. S

      have the same problem with the punta guarico naval mission 🙁

  4. Q

    All I seem to be getting around my Eleuthera fort is British and no spanish

    1. Strange, I have had an opposite situation. There are many gunboats at Northern part of map though.

  5. G

    Mine isn’t showing up at Serranilla… Really annoying.

  6. B

    To do Eluthera (726,784) – A Spanish Plague (Naval Contract 03) sail down towards the other fort called Gibara (Northern Shore of Cuba) and sail around there. They typically tail larger ships and are in clusters. So be careful!

  7. D

    I too am having the problem with the last contract, any ideas?

  8. F

    I don’t know why but I can’t seem to receive the 2nd contract on Navassa, is this supposed to be a bug or do I have to do some mission before I can do that contract?

  9. J

    Yep. Already completed naval contract 7 at dry tortuga and now the fast travel and naval base doesnt show. Ship upgrades and wanted level reset are there but nothing else. Also you cant do the final contract until all the others are marked as done so I’m screwed. Any ideas/patches?

  10. G


  11. A

    im having trouble finding the 2nd naval contract in navassa…it says i have to do 1 more there…but there isnt any i can take…
    any help!?

  12. R
    Robin Cantor

    Serranilla is the last naval contract to do, but there is noone to give me the contract–All other Naval Contracts are finished–Someone please patch Fix this so I can finish all Naval Contracts

  13. A
    Assassin's Creed Master

    I’ve been playing since 11:00 PM… It’s 5:23 now…
    hue hue hue

  14. C

    i finish naval contract 6pm to 9pm 🙂 cool

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