Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Warehouse Locations Guide

If you need money, and you want to take a break from plundering ships on open sea, then plundering warehouses is your next step. There are 8 warehouses you can plunder in Assassin’s Creed 4, while the 9th one comes as a part of Exclusive Unlockable Content on new island, Black Island (985,626). Plundering warehouse grants you different amounts of wood, metal, cloth, run and sugar. There is a bonus reward for “No Bells Rang” that goes from 400R up to 1 000R. No Bells Rang bonus means that you have plundered warehouse without the alarm being raised.

Additional facts about warehouse plundering:

  1. There are 8 warehouses, scattered through 7 maps.
  2. Mission “Sugarcane And Its Yields” takes you to the first warehouse you can plunder
  3. In order to plunder a warehouse, you need to steal the warehouse key from a key holder.
  4. Warehouses restock their storage after a while, thus, you can plunder them more than once. Also, they restock faster if you empty them completely.
  5. Each Warehouse gives the same cargo loot every time you plunder it.

1. Cat Island Warehouse (737,693)

Key Holder Location: Cat Island Key Holder patrols west of central alarm bell.
Cargo: 20 wood, 35 metal, 35 cloth, 20 rum, 25 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 800R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 400R

2. Havana Warehouse (240,607)

Key Holder Location: This is a small area, and you can spot Key Holder from nearby house rooftop.
Cargo: 25 wood, 40 metal, 25 cloth, 20 rum, 20 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 700R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 400R

3. Matanzas Warehouse (333,642)

Key Holder Location: You can find key holder in Northwestern Matanzas, south of letter location.
Cargo: 75 wood, 40 metal, 50 cloth, 40 rum, 50 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 1,600R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 750R

4. Nassau Warehouse (633,784)

Key Holder Location: Another small area where you can easily spot a Key Holder from the road, north of warehouse, since he patrols through the center part.
Cargo: 20 wood, 40 metal, 20 cloth, 30 rum, 20 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 850R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 400R

5. Tortuga Warehouse (878,371)

Key Holder Location: Key Holder in this area, patrols through eastern Tortuga, near the cannons that defense Tortuga island.
Cargo: 100 wood, 60 metal, 50 cloth, 60 rum, 75 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 2,400R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 1,000R

6. Northern Kingston Warehouse (623,172)

Key Holder Location: Another small warehouse area. You can scout around warehouse for the Key Holder, without running into the red zone.
Cargo: 25 wood, 25 metal, 40 cloth, 25 rum, 25 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 875R
No Bells Rang Bonus: 400R

7. Central Kingston Warehouse (623,172)

Key Holder Location: Key Holder, at this location, patrols through the central area around warehouse.
Cargo: 35 wood, 75 metal, 45 cloth, 50 rum, 40 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 1,550R
No Bells Rang Bonus: –

8. New Bone Warehouse (434,155)

Key Holder Location: Head southeast, diagonally from warehouse you will spot Key holder.
Cargo: 50 wood, 100 metal, 60 cloth, 75 rum, 60 sugar
Value of Rum and Sugar: 2,325
No Bells Rang Bonus: 1,000R

Black Island Warehouse (985,626) – Exclusive Content

Cargo: 40 rum and Captain Morgan’s Pistols (Damage:3; Stun:1; Range:3)
Value of Rum: 750R
No Bells Rang Bonus: –
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  1. D
    Derrick Davis

    What do you mean by “warehouses restock faster if you empty them completely.”? I don’t see any other way to empty them aside from leaving the area. Which I did one time because I was in the middle of a mission and I wanted to finish the mission 1st. Now that warehouse won’t restock at all.

  2. D
    Derrick Davis

    I just went back to the warehouse that had emptied itself because I left the area and cleared the area of guards even though it still said it was empty. No key holder showed up so I left and cleared a different warehouse that was full. When I finished plundering the full warehouse I checked on the one the would not restock again and it is full now. So if one is not restocking. Just kill all the guards then fast travel to a full warehouse and plunder that. Then recheck the empty warehouse and it should be full.

  3. D

    There is more than 8 warehouses I just went to an island not listed on here and found one.

  4. T

    I plundered one and then a couple days later it restocked again

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