Dead Rising 3 PP Trials Guide

The easiest way to earn Prestige Points (PP) in Dead Rising 3 is by completing 59 challenges marked as PP Trials. The list of available PP Trials can be found under the Player Tab, and their number increases as you progress through the game.
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  • Boom Boom Boom
    Task: Create IED 50 times (Combine Explosives)
    Reward: 10,000PP
    This challenge can be completed easily while progressing through the game, especially if you visit Fireworks Factory in Almuda.
  • Balls of Junk
    Task: Create the Junk Ball 50 times (Combine Junk)
    Reward: 10,000 PP
  • Hot Headed
    Task: Create the Flaming Helmet 50 times (Dragon Head + Motor Oil)
    Reward: 10,000PP
    Motorcycle shop and a building next to it (near the High School in Sunset Hills) contains Motor oil. while the Dragon Head can be taken from the Toy Shop.
  • So Much Easier Than Throwing
    Task: Create the Boom Cannon 50 times (Shotgun + Grenade) Reward: 10,000PP
    A Gun Shop is located near Rhonda’s Garage in Ingleton.
  • Toy That Creeps Me Out!
    Task: Create the Jack in the Box 50 times (Cardboard Box + Toy)
    Reward: 10,000PP
    There are two Toy Stores near the High School building in Sunset Hills.
  • Make It Flame Grilled
    Task: Create the Flaming Sword 50 times (Broadsword + Motor Oil)
    Reward: 10,000PP
  • Jazz Hands
    Task: Create the Jazz Hands 50 times(HandGun + MMA Gloves)
    Reward: 10,000PP
    Visit the Boxing Gym for gloves.
  • Ryu Would Be Proud
    Task: Create the Dragon Punch 50 times (Motorcycle Engine + Boxing Gloves)
    Rewards: 10,000PP
  • Raindrops Keep Melting My Head
    Task: Create Acid Rain 50 times (Flare Gun + Chemicals)
    Reward: 10,000PP
    Components can be obtained form Motorcycle and Gun Stores.
  • Drinking to Create
    Task:Create the Bear Hat 50 times (Keg + Construction Hut)
    Reward: 10,000PP
  • Puke on you
    Task: Create the Pukes O Hazard 50 times (Chemicals + Lead Pipe)
    Reward: 10,000PP
  • Last Words
    Task: Discover the tragic deaths of Los Perdidos’ citizens Reward: 80,000PP
    30 places scattered through Los Perdidos will show up on your map when within range.
  • Bye Bye Brainwashers
    Task: Stor the anti-infected propaganda by destroying all the ZDC Speakers.
    Reward: 80,000PP
  • Hero Worship
    Task: Scour Los Perdidos to collect the commemorative limited edition Frank Statue
    Reward: 80,000PP
  • Drop Dead!
    Task: Kill 100 enemies with the Body Slam
    Reward: 20,000PP
    Press B and Y while being unarmed.
  • My Tummy Hurts
    Task: Use Disembowel skill move on 100 zombies
    Reward: 20,000PP
    This skill unlocks after purchasing Slippery upgrade in the Melee tree.
  • A Head of the Game
    Task: Use the Head Job skill move on 100 zombies
    Reward: 20,000PP
    This skill unlocks after purchasing Bruiser upgrade in the Melee tree.
  • Burn Ward
    Task: Kill 3600 zombies with fire
    Reward: 50,000PP
  • Pretty Dizzy Now.. Might Puke
    Task: Kill 200 zombies while spinning around with the Hammer Spin skill move
    Reward: 30,000PP
  • Dash for the Dead
    Task: Kill 100 zombies with the Shoulder Charge
    Reward: 20,000PP
    This skill unlocks after purchasing Bouncer upgrade in the Agility tree
  • You Knee’d Me
    Task: Kill 50 enemies with a Knee Drop attack
    Reward: 10,000PP
    This skill unlocks after purchasing Street Fighter upgrade in the Melee tree
  • Sacked!
    Task: Kill 20 football zombies with the Shoulder Charge
    Reward: 30,000PP
    Look for Football Zombies in Sunset Hills. This skill unlocks after purchasing Bouncer upgrade in the Agility tree
  • Slippery Customer
    Task: Escape out of 50 zombie grabs
    Reward: 10,000PP
    Quickly press B, or X if taken down
  • Getting Warmed Up
    Task: Kill 5,000 Zombies
    Reward: 5,000PP
  • Still More To Kill
    Task: Kill 10,000 zombies
    Reward: 10,000PP
  • Going Pro
    Task: Kill 53,594 zombies
    Reward: 20,000PP
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