As you make your way back upstairs I recommend using the air ducts located at the position shown on the map above


  1. M

    When I first got to the stairs at the lobby, there were FOUR people with guns. After a lot of getting shot episodes, I banged on the side of the door near the stairs to get their attention , then walked fast back up the coridor and turned left to where those security scanners are. there are some boxes back there that I crouched behind until all the people
    left except one. He came up to the other side of the boxes and I could see an “xray ” of his gun pointing in my general direction. I walked around the scanners counter clockwise and pulled out my wrench bar and killed him. Now ther are three left in the lobby and I failed to get past them at all now. Should I start over and go back to mission II in order to reset the lobby to just one girl with a gun? Or keep trying to get in somehow.

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