Encounters - Alien: Isolation Mission 3 guide

Alien: Isolation’s third mission, Encounters, continues our story on Lorenz Systech Spire. As you arrive to the transit station you will learn about the rewire system.
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Go west to pick up some Ethanol and you will come across a closed door and a dead body you can loot. Use the opportunity to open the closed door as well.

Get to Seegson Communications

Going west you will come across a console that will reveal some of the map. Going further you will eneter a hallway that leads to two closed doors. North of there will take you into the lobby section and a hostile female that starts shooting at you as she runs away.

Find an elevator to Seegson communications

Loot all there is to loot from the central counter and pick up Archive Log 019 “Leave Work Now” and Personnel Log “A. Hutchison”. You can go up the stairs to find a vent shaft in the northwestern part of the lobby that will take you to a small storage room with some components. There are scrap parts to be collected on the lounge tables as well.

Once you go to open the central door and pick up the device you will hear voices of people coming and threatening to kill you. I climb up the east stairs and hide in the north part. They will walk right past you and go down the stairs to look for you by the door. Sneak past them at that point going southwest towards your mission objective. Otherwise you will get stuck in a room constantly patrolled by three people. In such case use the rewire system if you can to create smoke screens from activating air purification.

Search Tech support for a new data cell

Go down the stairs and on your way activate the map revealing terminal. Facility control room is in the middle of Lower level and inside you will find a revolver and a keycard. Use the keycard to access the rooms to the east.You’ll find the Nostromo flight recorder (empty), which will activate security measures and lock you in. There are these revolving shelves you can activate to create access to the back where you’ll find the required data cell for your hacking tool. Pick it up and go outside where you can now enter a locked room with Personnel Log ID badge and Archive Log “Empty Box”.

Smoke Bomb (V.1) Blueprint

You can find the Smoke bomb Blueprint on the table in the room before the one where you found Nostromo’s flight recorder. It is kind of hard to spot so make sure you don’t go past it. These help you create smoke screens you can use to avoid enemies.

Flashbang (V.1) Blueprint

There’s a room with a dead guy to the north and on the east wall you will find the Flashbang Blueprint. These grenades can help you blind enemies or you can set them as traps.

Disable security lockdown

Make your way back west to where the locked rooms were on the Lower level of Lorenz Spire. You can now hack open the door with your security tunneler. Inside the room you locate Archive Log 020 and 021. Once you start disabling the security lockdown you’ll meet an old friend. Sneak out of the room and I recommend using the air vent shaft to pass this whole section and get to the stairs that will take you up. You are now back in the lobby and you’ll witness how humans fare against the Xenomorph. Alien will now patrol the lobby and your goal is to know its location at all times as you try to get to the north and unlock the elevator door. Be patient and sneak around to avoid him and you’ll be “safe” inside the elevator in no time.