Alone in the Dark Edward or Emily Character Choice & Differences

In our Alone in the Dark Edward or Emily Character Choice & Differences guide, we are going to discuss which character you should pick at the beginning of the game, whether it even really matters, and what the differences between the two are. I’m sure a lot of you are going to wonder who to go with first when faced with the choice at the very start. So, let’s talk about it.

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alone in the dark edward or emily character choice & differences
Alone in the Dark Edward or Emily Character Choice & Differences

Which Character to Choose in Alone in the Dark – Edward or Emily?

The character choice between Edward and Emily in Alone in the Dark is more you selecting which character you want to play as first. Why? Because, if you want to see everything in the game, you have to play as both of them. As for which you should go first, that’s entirely up to you. One campaign doesn’t affect what’s going to happen in the other one, aside from the collectibles, aka lagniappes. These carry over from campaign to campaign (except for a handful that are exclusive to Edward or Emily). So, if you’ve managed to unlock the shotgun via lagniappes in your first playthrough, then you’ll be able to get it way earlier on the second go.

Alone in the Dark Character Differences

The character differences between Emily and Edward in Alone in the Dark, as far as gameplay goes, are pretty negligible. The main difference is their starting weapon. Emily’s has a little more ammo, reloads faster, but seems to do a bit less damage. Edward’s weapon has less ammo, takes longer to reload, but packs more of a punch. Overall, though, they’re basically the same. The story is where the biggest differences are. The general plot is largely the same, but the details aren’t. Each character gets different pieces of the whole puzzle, so if you want to uncover all the sordid secrets of Derceto, you’ll have to play as both of them.

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