Alone in the Dark Astronomical Clock Puzzle Solution

If you’re struggling with the Alone in the Dark Astronomical Clock puzzle solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I am going to walk you through the whole process. First I’ll explain where you can find the two missing pieces of the broken place. After that, I’ll explain how to solve the puzzle. It’s a long journey, so let’s dive straight in.

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alone in the dark astronomical clock puzzle solution
Alone in the Dark Astronomical Clock Puzzle Solution

Alone in the Dark Astronomical Clock Broken Plate Location #1

The first broken plate for the Astronomical Clock puzzle in Alone in the Dark is in the Kitchen Garden area. The road here is long. After the French Quarter section, unlock the Library and go to the Small Parlor. Try to open the doors into the Conservatory. In the hellscape that appears, find the bolt cutters and use them to open the Conservatory door. Head down there and out to the Kitchen Garden. Use the Bolt Cutters on the shed to unlock it and get the hose inside. Backtrack to the hole in the corner and connect your hose to the other hose. Now head past the shed and turn right. Turn on the spigot and return to the hole. The water level has risen, so you can pick up the plate from the bucket.

Where to Find Broken Plate #2 in Alone in the Dark?

The second broken plate we’ll get for the Astronomical Clock in Alone in the Dark will be in Cassandra’s room, aka Perosi’s room. Head into the corridor to the left of the gallery and enter the last room on the left. To open it, you’ll need the Room #6 key. That’s in the Clerk’s Office on the ground floor. Perosi’s room is one big puzzle. We’ve covered it in detail in a separate guide, but here’s the quick rundown: pick up Cassandra’s journal from the green couch. Go to the six paintings in the other corner and flip them around so that the black rot is facing towards you. Note the names you’ve revealed and cross-reference them with the picture of the artists in the colony. Remember the numbers they were assigned, then cross-reference those with Cassandra’s journal. This will reveal the correct combination: Pisces, Libra, Taurus.

astronomical clock broken plate location alone in the dark
Broken plate #2

Alone in the Dark Astronomical Clock Puzzle Solution

The solution to the Astronomical Clock puzzle in Alone in the Dark is in the Commonplace Book, which you picked up earlier in Jeremy’s room. There are several diagrams on the last page, and one of them shows you what the figure is supposed to look like. As far as tips for solving it go, my advice is to complete the shape of the Taurus constellation first, including the two “corner” pieces. This will basically solve the whole thing, minus the bottom right and upper left pieces. The tile that’s supposed to go in the upper left has a bit where the spiral tapers off, so use that to complete the puzzle. The solution is below. As far as the talisman goes, the numbers will appear on the clock itself. The combination is 643.

Final puzzle solution
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