Alone in the Dark Safe Combination in Clerk's Office

AitD features many puzzles that you’ll need to solve in order to advance the game, and one such puzzle requires you to figure out the Alone in the Dark Safe Combination in the Clerk’s Office. But how can you do this? After all, when you first come across this safe, you will get a comment that you can’t get it open and that it’s best to just leave it alone for now. Of course, this being a video game, you will be able to open it eventually. If you want to know when and how, then this guide is going to explain the entire process from start to finish.

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Alone in the Dark Safe Combination in Clerk's Office
Alone in the Dark Safe Combination in Clerk’s Office

How to Unlock Alone in the Dark Safe in Clerk’s Office

You will find out about this safe during Chapter 2. It is located at the back of the Clerk’s Office and when you try to interact with it, you’ll soon realize that you can’t open it. At least, not yet, that is. So don’t worry too much about not being able to get inside the safe at this point in the game. No, what you need to do is to simply continue playing the game. Then, during Chapter 4, you will once again find yourselves in this location. The objective here is to find a way to break into Dr Gray’s office. For that, you’re going to need the key in the Clerk’s Office safe.

So make your way into Cassandar’s Room. Once there, pick up and read Cassandra’s Last Page. It is on the typewriter there. Reading it is going to reveal the combination for the Clerk’s Office Safe. It is 913. All that’s left now is to go back to the Clerk’s Office and use this combination to open the safe. Inside you will find Dr. Gray’s Office Key. You can know unlock that office and get inside. Below you can see our video which shows this entire process in action.

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