Monster Never Cry Tier List

If you have ever wanted to play as a villain, then Monster Never Cry has got you covered. In this game that the devs describe as an “anti-hero RPG journey”, you control many classic monsters and villainous characters that you can use to make your dream (or is that nightmare?) team that can take down just about anyone. Though, since there are so many characters and monsters in the game, figuring out which ones are powerful, and which ones you can safely ignore and not use can be daunting. Which is why we have decided to make this Monster Never Cry Tier List, in which we will be ranking all the units in the game.

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Monster Never Cry Tier List
Monster Never Cry Tier List

Monster Never Cry Tier List of Best Characters

Now, as with all games of this type, there are a couple of things that we need to note before we get into the rankings themselves. First of all, as you can always expect new characters to be added to MNC, we will no doubt re-asses and remake this tier list when that happens. Also, if you think that we have ranked a character too high or too low, then please feel free to tell us why that is down in the comments. As for the tier list itself, it follows the usual format – the best characters are in Tier S, while the least powerful ones have been delegated to Tier D. And now, let’s finally see what the Monster Never Cry Tier List looks like:

  • S Tier: Lilith, Adlington, Zenobia, Loki, Gurnius, Octasia, Siren, Avanzo, and Horace.
  • A Tier: Dracula, Undine, Ivy, SynderHelden, Guardian I, Coronis, Dullahan, and Sylph.
  • B Tier: Mischa, Frogashi, Venus, Reddy, Knightomaton, Shipshark, and Haborym.
  • C Tier: Sarcophagurl, Roosterai, Kukulkan, Arachne, Oz, Medusa, Sadora, Nafitha, Pania, and Bafomek.
  • D Tier: Rabby, Barend, Mimir, Jarm, Klein, Oul, and Yuno.
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