Animal Crossing New Horizons Becomes Largest Switch Launch in Japan

When it comes to launch week sales, Animal Crossing New Horizons has beaten every single other Switch game in Japan, moving 1.88 million physical copies alone; who knows how many digital copies have been sold. It has even significantly boosted the sales of Switch units. Plus, it’s outselling Doom Eternal in the UK. It’s doing really, really well, is what I’m saying.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Becomes Largest Switch Launch in Japan
Animal Crossing New Horizons Becomes Largest Switch Launch in Japan

Of course the first real Animal Crossing in four years and on a new Nintendo console was gonna sell really, really well. However, circumstances have lined themselves up perfectly for New Horizons to completely obliterate the competition; not just other Nintendo games, but also its greatest competitor, Doom Eternal. I guess a simulation game where you get to go outside and talk to people sounds really darn good now that the concept of outside has been abolished in the real world. The demon apocalypse just isn’t as charming right now, I suppose.

So, exactly how well is New Horizons doing? Well, for one, it’s the best-selling game in the UK, leaving Doom Eternal in second place. But in Japan, it has sold a staggering 1.88 million physical copies in just the first week, according to Famitsu (via Eurogamer). That makes it the biggest launch of any Switch game in Japan ever. For reference, the previous number one, Pokemon Sword & Shield, sold “only” 1.36 million copies in the same time frame. And that’s just physical copies.

On top of all of that, 392,576 Switch units have been sold during the New Horizons launch week in Japan. That’s apparently more than in the console’s own launch week. That’s absolutely wild to consider. If you’re one of the millions that have purchased the game, allow me to redirect you to our huge list of Animal Crossing New Horizons guides we’ve written for you. Among others, we’ve got Stringfish Appearance Time – How to Catch, How to Chop Down Trees, and CJ Appearing Time & Fishing Tournament.

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