Capcom Wants You to Meet Resident Evil 3's Characters

Resident Evil 3 Remake is going to be released in a week or so, and Capcom is eager to show off some of the characters you’ll meet on your journey through the game. Like Mr. Nemesis over here, a good-natured elderly gentleman, a member of the town council and the one in charge of many things – building renovations, traffic regulation, being on fire, missing half a face and blowing you to bits.

resident evil 3 characters
Capcom Wants You to Meet Resident Evil 3’s Characters

First off, there’s Jill Valentine. She’s been the star of many a Resident Evil, a resident good, so to speak. She’s a delta force veteran, and one of the members of Racoon City Police’s special forces team, called STARS. She’s good at picking locks and exploding stuff, which sounds like a good contender for the World’s Worst Multiclass Ideas prize. She’s one of the few surviving members of the team, so it obviously worked out well in the end.

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Then there’s Carlos Oliveira, a UBCS mercenary with a long history of guerilla fighting. He can shoot many guns and drive many cars, but that didn’t do much to help him in the face of the zombie apocalypse. He’s joined by two UBCS buddies – Mikhail Victor, a Delta Platoon commander hell-bent on saving every civilian he can reach, and Nicholai Ginovaef, who’s ready to make any sacrifice required of him for profit. It’s worth noting here that those have to be the two least-Russian-sounding fake Russian names I’ve ever heard. It’s like they’re not even trying.

Finally, there’s the guy in the picture himself – Nemesis. He’s a bioweapon based on the Tyrant series of something, and if you’ve played the previous remake, he’s basically Mr X with a rocket launcher. He was dropped into the city in a capsule, and his only aspiration in life is to murder every single member of STARS, to protect his corporate overlords from scrutiny.

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