Build a Bear Animal Crossing

If you’ve wanted to get yourself a customizable Animal Crossing New Horizons toy or ten, you’re in luck! Build-a-Bear, the famous toy chain, have announced a cross-promotion with Nintendo’s extremely successful property. Neither company have revealed anything more than “this thing is happening at some point, stay tuned.” But still, I’m sure that this is enough to get a ton of kids (and adults) very, very happy. Who couldn’t use a Build-a-Bear Animal Crossing toy?

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build a bear animal crossing
Build a Bear Animal Crossing

As you can say in the official tweet from Build-a-Bear, they’re playing their cards real close to the chest at the moment. All that they tell you is that it’s “coming soon,” and give you links to the US and UK websites. Said websites give you more info on the Build a Bear Animal Crossing toys than the tweet. However, both of them do let you sign up for free email and text updates. If you want to, you can do so to stay abreast of new info as soon as it comes out.

Beyond that, we can only speculate as to how this cross-promotion is going to work. I assume you’ll be able to make customizable Animal Crossing toys, as you would with regular Build-a-Bear stuff. Also, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing all the favorites in there – Isabelle, Tom Nook, maybe even K.K. Slider, who knows. Maybe they won’t be customizable; we’ll just have to wait and see.

So, in summation, all we know for certain now is that there will be Build-a-Bear Animal Crossing toys in the relatively near future. We’ll make sure to keep you updated as more info appears. That said, you should probably sign up for the newsletter as well, just so you get the info as soon as possible. You know a ton of people are gonna be fighting for these.

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