Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a - Get Early Access to Minecraft 1.17 Lush Caves Beta Builds

A new Minecraft snapshot has been released, and it allows you to try out the Lush Caves biome before it’s officially added to the game. There are also new bricks and tiles, tweaks to ore generation, bug fixes and more. Read on to see a detailed list of changes, and how to get the Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a so you too can get early access to Minecraft 1.17 Lush Caves beta builds.

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minecraft snapshot 21w10a
Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a

Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a features & changes

The main thing in this snapshot is the Lush Caves biome. It’s fresh, it’s new, and you can get early access to it using Snapshot 21w10a instead of waiting for the full Minecraft 1.17 release. It includes:

  • Lush Caves:
    • Moss on floor and ceilings
    • Spore Blossoms on ceilings
    • Clay pools with Dripleaf Plants
    • Azalea bushes
    • Cave vines with glow berries
  • Cracled Deepslate bricks and tiles
  • Infested Deepslate in the underground
  • More emeralds in mountains
  • More lapis
  • Less iron, copper, gold, diamond and Redstone
  • A whole bunch of bugfixes

How to get Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a?

If you want to grab the Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a and try out the Lush Caves for yourself, you can only do so with the Java edition. Here’s what you need to:

  1. Open the launcher
  2. Go to Installations
  3. Check the Snapshot box
  4. Find Snapshot 21w10a at the bottom of the list

Keep in mind that snapshots have a nasty known side effect of corrupting your world, so before you dive in, make sure you back your main worlds up in a safe spot. You’ll definitely want a new world for the snapshot content, but it’s safer to hide the others away before you start making changes. The last thing you want is to lose hundreds of hours of painstakingly tamed and cultivated land just because you wanted an early peek at the new biome.

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