ACNH Eloise Reading Room

The Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons is here. Filled with new content and things to do, your first task here will be to set up a nice reading room for Eloise. This happy little elephant needs a cozy place where she can relax and read to her heart’s content, and it will be your job to decorate this space with the appropriate furniture. Our ACNH Eloise Reading Room guide will tell you exactly what you need to place in the room to make Eloise happy.

ACNH Eloise Reading Room
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Best Items For Eloise Reading Room in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Obviously, in order to be able to undertake this job, you will first need to have purchased and installed the Happy Home Paradise DLC. If you are having trouble getting it to run properly, we have a great guide that explains how to start it. Now, on to this first Paradise Planning objective itself. You have to place the following three pieces of furniture and items in Eloise’s Reading Room to finish this: Wooden bookshelf, Stack of books, and a Rocking Chair.

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These are the bare minimum needed to successfully complete this, but you can also place other things in there as well. Whenever you put something in the room, Eloise will react to show you what she thinks of it. If she loves something, a heart will show up from her to indicate that she really likes this particular thing. As for where you can place the three necessary items, we have a couple of ideas for that. The Wooden Bookshelf looks best when it is placed at the back wall. The stack of books can go down on a table, or even on the floor. Finally, the Rocking Chair should go near the books, so that Eloise can easily pick up a book while she is in the rocking chair.

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