Brewster ACNH - How to Get Brewster and Roost

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 is out, and with it come plenty of new additions to the game. One of these is the character Brewster and the café shop The Roost. Both of these names are sort of double-puns – a play on his species as a bird and his role as a barista. When you unlock him and the café in the game, you will then be able to drink coffee there with your friends. If you are wondering how to do this in the game, our in-depth Brewster ACNH – How to Get Brewster and Roost guide will take you through the entire process, step-by-step.

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Brewster ACNH - How to Get Brewster and Roost

How to Get Brewster in Animal Crossing 2.0

To begin with, pay a visit to Brewster in the Museum and talk with him. He will inform you that he has a plan of how to attract more visitors to the Museum. Namely, he wants to add a Café to it. Incidentally, his old pal Brewster is a great café manager, and he wants you to find him and convince him to help open up a café. Next, go to the Pier. Here, you will see Kapp’n in his boat. He can take you to one of the newly added islands.

Note that you can only take one of these boat rides per day. When you get to the first island, you will see Brewster there. Speak with him and select the “You know a Brewster” dialogue option. After the conversation, return to Blathers and tell him you found Brewster. Select the “He said ‘I hear you.'” dialogue option.

How to Unlock The Roost ANCH

Blathers will be very happy that you have found Brewster. All that’s left now in order for The Roost to be unlocked is to wait two days. This is how long it will take for it to get built. During that time, the Museum will be closed. After that, The Roost will be officially open. You can now enjoy having a cup of coffee here and inviting your friends to hang out with you in the new café.

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