Gyroids ACNH - How to Get and Use Gyroid Fragments

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Gyroids are one of many new features added to the game in the latest update to the game. Now, Gyroids have appeared in previous Animal Crossing games, but there are some differences that you should be aware of. So, to help both Animal Crossing veterans and novices who got into the franchise with New Horizons, here’s our Gyroids ACNH – How to Get and Use Gyroid Fragments guide.

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gyroids acnh how to get and use gyroid fragments
Gyroids ACNH – How to Get and Use Gyroid Fragments

How to Get Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get ACNH Gyroids and Animal Crossing New Horizons Gyroid Fragments, you have to look for them much the same way as you would fossils. First off, wait for it to either rain or snow, and then go and explore your island and mystery islands looking for those star-shaped cracks in the ground. Dig them up and see what you get. It can be either a whole Gyroid, one of many different types (drummoid, squeakoid, squeezoid, etc), or it can be a Gyroid Fragment. More about them in the segment below.

The only purpose of ACNH Gyroids is to add some visual and aural flare to your home. You can customize their colors using the customization kits so that they fit with the rest of your decor. You can experiment with placing them in different rooms and see how their individual “songs” gel together. By the way, if you have a K.K. Slider song playing, the Gyroids will sync up with it. They are beyond delightful.

How to Use Gyroid Fragments in ACNH

To use ACNH Gyroid Fragments and get full Gyroids, you just have to bury them in the ground. Just dig a hole, select the Gyroid Fragment from your inventory, and opt to bury it. Do this wherever is most convenient for you. Then, make sure to water the place where you’ve placed the Fragment. Keep doing that and watch it grown like a tree would. By the end of it, you’ll have a fully-grown Gyroid that you can then place in your house or sell it to somebody or do whatever it is you need to do with it. Who knows what amount of Bells you might get for a rarer Gyroid?

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