Get Mario Items in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Mario items include a whole bunch of stuff that you’ll be able to purchase once you download the content update and the event officially begins. For example, there will be several Mario-themed outfits and a ton of things you can place in your house and around your island, such as Question Blocks, Coins, Mushrooms, Goal Poles, Thwomps, and much more. The cherry on top are the Warp Pipes that will allow you to teleport around. We’ll go into more detail in our Get Mario Items in Animal Crossing guide.

get mario items in animal crossing
Get Mario Items in Animal Crossing

When is the Mario Update in Animal Crossing

The Mario update in Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out at different dates and times in different areas. The Animal Crossing Mario item update will drop on February 25th at 10AM Japanese time. That translates to February 25th at 5PM PST / 7PM CST / 8PM EST in the US, February 25th at 12PM AEDT in Australia, and February 25th at 1 AM in the UK. I’m sure you can do the math for your own region from there. Of course, this is assuming that the update will drop at the same time worldwide and that nothing changes on Nintendo’s end. One can only hope that it doesn’t.

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How to Get Mario Items in Animal Crossing

You can’t get the Mario items in Animal Crossing at the time of writing. Moreover, you won’t be able to get them the same day that you download the content update. Instead, you’ll have to wait until March 1st for the official event to kick off. Once it does, things will be as simple as you could wish for. All you need to do Nook Shopping and look for the Mario stuff under the Promotions tab. So, if I were you, I’d start saving up Bells immediately if you’re going to afford all the new stuff. There’s a lot of stuff you’ll be able to blow your finds on.

Mario Items in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Mario items include a ton of stuff, including different outfits (which we’ll get into more below), Warp Pipes (more on that below, too), and a bunch of items that you’ll be able to place around your island to make it feel more like the Mushroom Kingdom. These items include 1-Up Mushrooms, Coins, Blocks and Floating Blocks, Pipes, Shells, Question Mark Blocks, Thwomps, Goal Poles. If that’s not enough, you can also deck out your home with a Mushroom Kingdom mural, Block flooring, Lakitu’s cloud rug, Yoshi’s Egg rug, and probably more than that. We’ll get the full picture once the event starts.

Mario Outfits in Animal Crossing

The Mario outfits in Animal Crossing include a Mario outfit, a Luigi outfit, a Princess Peach outfit, and a Wario outfit. Of course, all of these come with a matching pair of shoes, sold separately. These are the clothing items that Nintendo have revealed so far; we’ll see if there will be more once the content drops officially. As is the case with all the items that we’ve rattled off above, these will also be available in Nook’s store. It seems like Peach’s clothes and shoes will be more expensive than the rest; just a fair heads-up. I don’t know why that’s the case, but there you have it.

How to Get the Mario Warp Pipe in Animal Crossing

To get the Mario Warp Pipe item in Animal Crossing, you’ll have to purchase it from Nook. Specifically, you’ll have to purchase at least two, and place them wherever it’s convenient for you. That way, you basically create a teleport between two points, allowing you to save a whole bunch of time. You can even put a Warp Pipe inside your own home, as long as there’s enough landing space. Keep in mind that, if you place more than two pipes on your island, the warp location will be chosen at random. That’s something you’ll have to take into consideration.

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