Where to Find Outriders Demo on PS4 & PS5

Outriders Demo is out now, but many PSN users can’t seem to find it. If you’re playing on PS4 or PS5, you might be one of the unlucky ones that have been betrayed by the foul search box of Playstation Network. It happened to us as well – searching the store turned up no results. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this problem that’ll allow you to start playing the demo shortly. This guide is going to show you where to find Outriders demo on PSN.

where to find outriders demo on psn
Where to Find Outriders Demo on PSN

Outriders Demo on PS5

We’ve heard reports of people being unable to find both the demo and the full game using the search function. If both are missing for you, go to the store, and look for the game under “Games”, on the right – it should be one of the first ones listed there.

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Once you’ve found the full game, look for three dots to the right of the game’s name. Click on those, and the option to download the demo will appear.

It’s amazing how consistenly bad the search on the Playstation store has been all these years – it just keeps disappointing us over and over again, and yet Sony refuses to do anything about it. Good thing we don’t pay a monthly fee in order to use their stellar online services… Oh wait.

How to download Outriders Demo on PS4

Another option for PS4 users is to find the Outriders Preorder page, then tab down until you see the demo listed. Click the Try Now button and you’ll start downloading it.

The good news is that these are all temporary issues. That’s not much of a consolation if you were looking forward to playing right away, but by this time tomorrow, they’ll all be a thing of the past. Or at least we hope they will.

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  1. B
    Benjamin Frost

    Your tip for the PS4 makes no sense. There is no “tabbing down”. Scrolling down from the psn playstation store preorder screen gets you to no listed demo of Outriders….

  2. A
    Adrian Cardenas

    The PS4 page of Outriders is currently missing so there is no option to pre-order on PS4 or download

    1. C
      cole savage

      I’m downloading it now- just follow the directions on the page- downloading with ps4

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