Get Mario Pipe in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Mario Pipe is an item that you can get in the new cross-promotion that features a ton of Mario items and outfits. However the Warp Pipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons have an extra use – they let you teleport around the island. Naturally, as with all new items, people have a ton of questions – how do I get the Warp Pipes in New Horizons? How do I use the Mario Pipes? Why aren’t they working for me? Well, we’ll be answering all of these in our Get Mario Pipe in Animal Crossing guide.

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get mario pipe in animal crossing
Get Mario Pipe in Animal Crossing

How to Get Mario Pipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get a Mario pipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons, aka a Warp Pipe, you need to buy it. You can order them from the Nook Shopping catalog; they’re in the Special Goods part of the Promotion tab. That’s where you can find all the other Mario-themed items and clothing and whatnot. They cost a whopping 5,000 Bells each, and you’ll need to purchase at least two of them to get any tangible benefit. I mean, you can buy just one for decoration; however, if you want to teleport around your island, make sure to have at least 10,000 Bells in your wallet.

How to Use Animal Crossing Mario Warp Pipes

To use Animal Crossing Mario Warp Pipes, you need to place at least two of them. Keep in mind that you have the option to put one of them in your home, as long as you have room for it (more on that in a bit). As for the second pipe, plop it wherever you need it most. Then, simply hop into one of them, and you’ll pop out on the other side. Again, as long as there’s room. Best of all, people that come to your island via multiplayer can use the pipes, too.

What happens if you have more than two pipes, I hear you ask? Well, if you have three or more, the game will randomly decide which pipe you’ll warp to. There’s no way to control where you’ll go. The more Mario pipes you have, the less control there is. I know, it’s not exactly ideal, but hey, teleportation.

Can’t Teleport with Animal Crossing Mario Pipe – How to Fix?

To fix the problem where you can’t teleport with the Mario Pipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. I’m going to assume you have two pipes placed, and there’s something else that’s the matter. For one, you have to leave the eight tiles around the pipe free to use them for teleportation. So, it needs one free time in every direction to work.

Second, you can’t use the pipes to warp in and out of villagers’ houses. You can give them pipes as a gift, but they’re only for decorative purposes. By that, I mean you can jump into it, but you’ll just pop out in the same place. Makes sense, since it could be pretty game-breaking.

Last, but not least, you can’t customize the Mario Pipe color in Animal Crossing. It has to remain the classic green color. Then again, that’s kinda the whole point of the promotion – making your island look like the Mushroom Kingdom.

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