Harvey Island Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvey’s Island is a location that you can unlock in the game that houses Harvey’s Photo Studio. Once you unlock Harvey’s Island in ACNH, you can visit it whenever you want and use Harv’s Studio to take as many pictures you want, with different sets, and even with villagers. You can even use Amiibo to scan different townspeople in. With all that said, here’s our Harvey Island Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to show you what you need to do to unlock access to the photo studio.

Harvey Island Animal Crossing New Horizons
Harvey Island Animal Crossing New Horizons

Where to Find Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvey Island

To find Harvey’s Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you first have to build the Nook’s Cranny shop on your island. Check out our How to Get 30 Iron Nuggets for New Shop guide. Once you build the shop, you’re gonna have the chance to meet Harvey (aka the hippie-looking dog from Animal Crossing New Leaf). He can appear anywhere, at any time, and and in any weather. It’s completely random; you either have to comb through your island looking for him, or just go about your business until you run into Harvey by accident.

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Once you do manage to find Harvey, have a chat with him. You’ll find out that he has an island of his own, called Harv’s Island. You can pay him a visit by flying there via Dodo Airlines. The best part of it is that flights to Harv’s Island are completely free; you don’t need any Nook Miles or anything. On Harv’s Island, you’ll basically just find his house. Go inside, and you’ll find that the old hippie has his own photo studio that you can use.

In Harvey’s studio, you can select between several different backgrounds, you can decorate the set however you wish with your own stuff, and you can even bring the villagers to take a picture with you. In fact, this is the only place where scanning in Amiibo does anything in Animal Crossing New Horizons at the time of writing. Not all Amiibo are going to summon a villager to arrive, but major characters will. You can even change their clothes, which is kinda fun (not for everyone, though).

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