How to Remove Accent Wall ACNH

How to add and remove an accent wall is a brand-new feature in ACNH. This can give your home even more individuality. Luckily, it is an easy task to perform. All you need to do is get hold of a license, though this does cost. Read on as we discuss how to remove an accent wall in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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How to Remove Accent Wall ACNH
How to Remove Accent Wall ACNH

The recent update to Animal Crossing New Horizons has introduced even more options for customizing your island. Much of this focuses on customizing your house, with everything from new fences to wallpapers. One very interesting feature is the ability to create an accent wall.

Anyone who is not up on interior decorating may not know what one of these is. The accent wall is a wall in a room that has an interesting or bright pattern or wallpaper, while the rest stay the same. You can now do this in Animal Crossing, but first of all, you need a Pro Decorating License.

This license will also allow you the ability to hang light fittings from the ceiling as well. To buy the license, head to the Resident Services Building. You will find the license at the Nook Stop. It costs 2500 Nook Miles.

Get the wallpaper you want to use as your accent wall. When you are in the room you want to decorate, press down on the D-Pad. You will enter decorating mode. From here, hit the plus button and you will be able to select a wall. Click on the wallpaper in your pocket using X, then find the accent wall option on the menu. This will add the paper to the chosen wall.

Removing it is as simple. When you go back into decorating mode, your wallpaper should have a blue tick on it. All you have to do is press X on the wallpaper icon. This will remove wallpaper from the accent wall.

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  1. E
    Edna Hopper

    What is the D-pad. Some how I got this horrible accent wall up, it won’t let me cover it and I can’t figure out how to get into decorating mode or what the d-pad is to get it off!

    1. N

      Firstly, the D-pad is the group of buttons on the bottom left controller. Secondly, in order to get to decorating mode you push the down button on the d-pad. Next you’ll want to push the right button on the d-pad which will bring up your storage. If you go down to the wallpaper section, you can click X on any wallpaper and make that the accent wall, or click X on the current accent wallpaper to get rid of it.

      1. G

        X is just opening my inventory its not removing the accent wall paper at all

  2. J
    Jo j

    What is a “D-pad”????

    1. L

      It’s the joy-con with the minus sign on the top

  3. G

    There is no blue tick on my accent wall? There is no wallpaper icon, it just opens my pocket when I click x. What is this supposed to look like? Some photos would be nice

    1. K

      when in decorating mode click right on the dpad to bring up storage and find your wallpaper in there

  4. R
    Ruth Morales

    ya know the big plus looking button on the left of your switch?? click the on for storage while your are decorating and go to wallpapers and there should be a little x on top of the wallpaper youre using as a accent wall click that to remove it

  5. D

    I placed the accent wall without using the decorating mode, and now I can’t remove it with or without decorating mode. What should I do?

    1. K

      hey. go to decorating mode and click right on the d pad to bring up storage. you should be able to find the wallpaper on your accent wall in there & remove it. hope this helps!

  6. M

    So go the decorate mode and at the top left it should show three options of buttons. Click the one that is your home inventory, (which should be the arrow pointing to the right) and scroll all the way to the wallpaper tab. (It should show you the wallpapers you are currently using with a blue or white check mark) Then click ‘X’ on the wallpaper you want removed.

  7. E

    Thank you. That works great.

  8. A

    So to get rid of an accent wall, you
    1: Press the down arrow on the – (minus) controller
    2: Using the same controller, press right (▶️) arrow
    3: Move over to the Wallpaper section, there will be a blue check on the accent and main wallpaper
    4: Press the X button on the + (plus) controller to remove the accent wall
    5: Press A using the + (plus) controller to set the accent wall as the main wall

  9. S

    Thank u so much, had a nightmare trying to remove an accent wall. Thank you Anlee for instructions.

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