How to Find Pascal Animal Crossing New Horizons

Pascal is a new NPC in Animal Crossing New Horizons. He’s a red otter and loves to swim – he was added in the summer update, and he’s going to give you a bunch of DIY recipes if you share your scallops with him. A lot of players are having trouble finding him – he doesn’t have to have a pattern of appearance, which is making it hard to track him down. This guide will show you how to find Pascal in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

how to find pascal animal crossing new horizons
How to Find Pascal Animal Crossing New Horizons

Where to find Pascal?

Firstly, it’s a question of when does Pascal come. He won’t appear unless it’s July 3rd or later – depending on your time zone, you might be early. After you’ve made sure it’s the right date, you should also close your gate. It seems to have helped a lot of folks find him.

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After you’ve completed the preparation, jump into the water and start swimming around. Look for scallops – whenever you find one, Pascal might show up. The problem is, he only shows up once a day and it doesn’t have to be on the first scallop you find. So keep collecting scallops (don’t forget to take one to Blathers at the museum) and he’ll eventually appear. If you decline his offer by mistake the first time, he’ll show up again, just be persistent.

If you’re wondering where is Pascal, after you give him a scallop he’ll stick around and swim on his back, playing with his new gift. It appears you can’t find him on dry land, and he doesn’t have a specific location he likes to hang out at. His location depends on where you find scallops and which one he decideds to ask you for. So just be patient and keep collecting the sea critters – he’ll find you.

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