Scallop Animal Crossing New Horizons Locations

Animal Crossing scallops in New Horizons is a new type of animal that you can catch, added in the summer update. Finding scallops in Animal Crossing New Horizons is important for several reasons, including trading with Pascal the otter for rare items. However, seeing as how scallops are rare items, players have been asking how exactly to obtain them. We’re going to be answering that question in our Scallop Animal Crossing New Horizons Locations guide.

Scallop Animal Crossing New Horizons Locations
Scallop Animal Crossing New Horizons Locations

How to Get Scallops in Animal Crossing

To get scallops in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you’ll have to dive for them. So, the first order of business once you start up the summer update is to visit your mailbox and pick up the snorkel that the developers have left for you. In case you don’t like it, feel free to buy another one from Nook, but that’s besides the point. With the snorkel equipped, jump into the sea. As you swim around, keep your eyes peeled for the small bubble clusters on the surface.

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Below the bubbles, you’ll find what looks like an inky blob. Interact with it, and your character will dive and retrieve whatever that blob is. The items that spawn like this are random, and can include a variety of items, including pearls. However, every so often, you’re going to find a Scallop. This is the only way we know of to obtain Animal Crossing scallops in New Horizons. If you know of any others, do let us know in the comments.

Once you do obtain a scallop, Pascal the otter will pop out of the water and ask whether you want to give it to him. If you do, he’s going to give you a random item in return. Usually, it’s going to be something revolving around the new Mermaid items. Sometimes, it can also be a pearl or some such, so there’s still a random element to the whole thing.

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