How to Get Different Fruit on Your Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

When you start a new game of Animal Crossing New Horizons, your island has only one kind of native fruit. It’s a random pick, and you can start new islands until you get your favorite fruit, but that won’t change the fact it’ll only be one kind. To get more, you’ll have to follow certain procedures. This guide is going to show you how to get different fruit on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

how to get different fruit for your island animal crossing new horizons
How to Get Different Fruit on Your Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

First of all, make sure you use one of the fruits your mom sends you at the beginning to plant a tree. It’ll start off small, but it’ll grow in time. No matter which starting fruit you got, the one mom sends you will always be something that isn’t native to your island, so it’s a nice free booster.

How to get coconut for your island?

You can get a coconut tree relatively easily as well. All you need is enough Nook Miles for a mystery island tour and one of your own fruits stashed in your pocket. Buy the tour and when you get there, go to the beach. Walk around until you find a coconut palm. Each your fruit to gain strength, then use the shovel to dig up the tree. The whole tree will magically fit into your inventory, and you can plant it when you get back to your island. Just dig a hole on the beach, open the inventory, select the tree and then the “plant” option.

How to get other fruit for your island?

If you’ve followed the advice above, you already have three kinds of fruit on your island – the native one, the one mom sent you and a coconut. You’re missing three more. To get those, you’ll have to trade with other players. You can find out exactly how in our share dodo codes guide – there’s a bunch of codes down in the comments, so check those out if you’re short on people to visit and trade with.



  1. H

    You can get different fruits on mystery tours, my native fruit is apples, my mom sent cherries, and I got oranges from going on a mystery tour just now. It’s just rare I believe

    1. B

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            Alena Donaldson

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