How to Get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond is a villager that you can get in the game and one that, for some reason, players are fighting tooth and nail to obtain. Might be because Raymond’s design in ACNH is very striking, with the dapper suit and heterochromia. Or, it is because he agrees to wear a maid outfit, I’d rather not know. Whatever the reason may be, here’s our How to Get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to help you figure out how to obtain Raymond as a villager in ACNH.

How to Get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons
How to Get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons (image via Crossing Channel)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond – How to Get Villager?

To get Raymond as a villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are several things that you can do. The first one is search for him by flying to Nook Mile Islands and finding him randomly. The basic strategy here is to hoard as many Nook Miles as you can. Then, purchase a plot from Nook, put it down, and start flying like your life depends on it. You’ll only have that one day to pull it off. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can and use time travel if you need to. This method does not guarantee success, of course, but it’s worth a shot.

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The second method is to get Raymond from a friend (works for all villagers, not just him). If you have a friend willing to let you have Raymond, what they have to do is stop talking to him for a while. Eventually, he’ll get the little rain cloud above his head, meaning he’s upset enough from being ignored to jump ship. At that point, your job is to swoop in and have a chat with Raymond. If you’ve done everything correctly, Raymond will agree to move to your island.

The third way is to find some stranger to trade with (possibly via Dodo Code). There are people willing to sell villagers for millions of Bells, tons of Nook Miles, and even for real money on eBay. I will not link to any of these, because I don’t want anyone getting scammed. There are also online communities for trading villager for villager, so try and find those. And, again, stay vigilant and don’t get scammed.

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  1. M

    Thanks. It’s nice to get an actual explanation on how to get a fan favorite villager from people who are willing to trade for overpriced deals. You can’t even find his amiibo card anymore. I’m gonna start hoarding and buying Nookmile tickets on Ebay cause I like to help the economy in this time of crisis. Once again, thank for this. You’ve have saved my savings and stimulus check

    1. M

      Sadly, there is not yet an Amiibo card for him but I’m sure there will be as I’ve read they are re-releasing the amiibo cards for purchase (yay!)

      1. Y

        That’s not true

      2. L
        laney evonko

        there are collector card out rn with Judy and Dom displayed but sadly they dont do anything for rn

  2. R

    i will come to your island just make me happy and ill stay there.

    1. M

      Hey Raymond were both smug and people want us so i agree, make me happy and i will come to your island as well

  3. R

    You can also get a custom amiibo card with him on it. I GOT HIM DoING IT

    1. J

      mi gireresti il .bin?

  4. S

    I just really want raymond on my island… all my residents apart from. Scoot. Are not nice. And I got cursed with the worse looking ones ?

    1. R

      dont worry im sure luck will over come your island soon

  5. R
    Raymond fan

    Omg Raymond can you come to my camp site I love you

  6. J

    Hey anyone want me?

    1. P
      panda boi

      no thx i like my skye right now

    2. L
      laney evonko

      Judy ill take you! even if no one else does… your on my list! UwU

  7. J

    Raymond just showed up to my island today as a camper. After many “conversations” with him he made me play a game, if I won he would move in. If I lost he’d move on. I WON

    1. D

      does anyone want me on their island

  8. M

    Stop it,Get some help

  9. R

    And who needs me

  10. L
    laney evonko

    HEY you guys forgot that you can get him in the campsite too!

  11. M

    Hey guys who wants me on their island cause im coming

  12. J

    ya i’ve been tryna get raymound for a LONG time now but I’ve got zuck the octopus looking like pudding on his head and julian and others…. and i’m doing tent method and Im just about give up literally shiny hunting pokemon be like this.

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