How to Grow Flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Growing flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of many activities that you can do in the game as soon as you unlock access to flowers and the watering can recipe. Now, once the game does give you flowers, it doesn’t really explain how to grow them. It’s not very complicated, but it might stump some people. With all that said, here’s our How to Grow Flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to help you out.

How to Grow Flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons
How to Grow Flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Flowers – How to Grow?

To grow flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to plant them and water them regularly. Of course, you first have to obtain some flowers. We got out first bag of red-mum from Nook after bringing him several different creatures. After that, you can purchase flowers freely from the store. Either way, you have to hand over several creatures to Nook to unlock the option to grow flowers. That’ll also unlock the recipe for the Flimsy Watering Can. You’ll need five Softwood to craft the Watering Can, so do just that.

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Once you have everything you need, find a patch of grass or dirt that’s convenient for you. Click on the flower bag in your inventory (red-mum in our case), then select Plant 1. Plant as many as you want, however you want. Then, select the watering can and hold it in your hand, then use it to water your flowers. The ones you have watered will glimmer every so often until tomorrow at around 6 AM. The flowers you don’t water will start to wilt and turn brown. If you don’t water them then, they’ll be dead the next day. My bad, the flowers do not wilt after all.

And that’s about it when it comes to growing flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments. And, in case you need help with anything else, check out our other New Horizons guides. Among others, we’ve got How to Make Bells Fast, DIY Recipes & Crafting and Co-op – Local, Online Multiplayer.

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  1. B

    I visited a new island and accidentally picked the tops off of flowers instead of getting out my shovel and digging them out roots and all. Did I ruin them, or is there a way to somehow plant them still?

    1. O

      You can’t plant flower tops, you can sell them or put them in a vase but they pretty much are ruined, if you can you can still go back and take the flower stems and still grow them back.

  2. J
    Joli Blythe

    Is it possible to overwater your flowers? I don’t wanna damage them, but sometimes I’ll water the same flower twice when I’m trying to water one next to it but I’m not facing the right way. Or does watering multiple times a day cause them to grow faster?

    1. O

      I don’t think you can overwater your flowers, don’t worry and keep watering them.
      More so, just one water is enough and doing more won’t help.

  3. J

    Flowers dont wilt in this game. Watering is for producing hybrids only

  4. S
    Sleepy jack.japo. and gens japo


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