Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tunes

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Town Tunes are music that you can make to change the tune that plays in your town. You can freely compose the melody of your island town tune in ACNH. Of course, you first have to unlock the Island Tune option, and then figure out how to use it. So, in our Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tunes guide, we’re gonna show you how to change your Town Tune in ACNH, as well as some ideas for melodies you can make from other games.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tunes
Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tunes

How to Change Animal Crossing Town Tunes?

To change your Town Tune in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to speak to Isabelle once you upgrade Resident Services to a building. When you talk to her, choose the “Change the island tune” option. From there, you’ll enter a menu where you can compose your new island / town tune. Of course, if you want to, you can make your very own melody by interacting with the little frog heads.

Or, alternatively, you can recreate a tune that you like from somewhere else. We’ll get to that in a minute. Before we do, I just want to mention that, while talking to Isabelle, you can choose the “Let’s talk island evals.” This lets you know how many stars your town has at the moment. This is crucial if you want to get K. K. Slide to hold a concert and unlock the option to terraform your island. More on that in our ACNH KK Slider Concert guide.

Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Town Tunes

The best Animal Crossing New Horizons island / town tunes are, arguably, the music you make yourself. However, as we’ve already mentioned, you might want to remake melodies you know from other stuff. So, here are some town tune ideas you can make in ACNH. Just click on the images to enlarge them.

Those are just some suggestions, of course. If you have any ACNH Town Tunes that you want to share with us, put them in the comments. And, if you need more help, check out some of our other Animal Crossing New Horizons guides we’ve written for you. Like, for example, Golden Trout – Where & When to Catch, Bell Voucher, and Mabel Store – Able Sisters Clothing Shop, among many others.

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