Animal Crossing May Day 2022 Release Date, Time & Rewards

The Animal Crossing May Day 2022 release date, time and rewards are the talk of the Nooktown among the ACNH community. The event is kicking off soon, so of course players want to know what to expect from it. Well, unfortunately, official information is pretty thin on the ground. So, in this guide, we’ll compile everything we know about the event at the moment.

animal crossing may day 2022 release date time & rewards
Animal Crossing May Day 2022 Release Date, Time & Rewards

ACNH May Day 2022 Release Date & Time

The release date of the ACNH May Day 2022 event in Animal Crossing is April 29th, but unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly it’s going to start. We’ll be sure to update this guide when we know more. Now, we do know what the ending date of the event is, and that’s May 7th, according to the official announcement. So, that’s a little over a week during which you’ll be able to use the May Day Ticket you’ve gotten from Tom Nook and complete the maze to get the rewards. Mind you, the ticket is a one-time thing; if you whiff it, you’ll have to wait until next year. Assuming the devs decide to have another May Day celebration, of course. So, use the ticket only when you’re certain you want to visit Rover’s island.

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Animal Crossing May Day Event Rewards & Items

The ACNH rewards and items you’ll get in the Animal Crossing May Day 2022 event are still unknown at time of writing. We’ll add the info once we have it. For now, though, there’s nothing official. However, we can indulge in some educated guesswork. Both of the previous May Day events rewarded you with Rover’s Briefcase. It’s a brown briefcase covered with travel stickers that serves as a furnishing item. Of course, there’s also a handful of Bell Vouchers you can find in the maze that also count. Last year, the devs also added Rover’s Photo, an extra something that only those that participated in the event in 2020 before got. So, we can assume that the rewards this year will be the Bell Vouchers, the Briefcase if you don’t have it yet, and maybe something new. We’ll have to wait and see.

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