ACNH Ordinance Choices - Beautiful Island, Bell Boom, Early Bird, Night Owl

ACNH ordinance choices – Beautiful Island, Bell Boom, Early Bird, Night Owl change the way your island operates in ways that can be extremely useful, depending on your needs and preferences. Each ordinance has its virtues and flaws, but if you choose the correct one for you, it can transform your experience. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll explain what the ACNH ordinance choices are and what they do.

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acnh ordinance choices beautiful island bell boom early bird night owl
ACNH Ordinance Choices – Beautiful Island, Bell Boom, Early Bird, Night Owl

ACNH Beautiful Island Ordinance Choice

The Beautiful Island ACNH ordinance choice is for those of you that want to keep your island looking spick and span for longer, especially if you have long periods where you’re not playing. If you select this ordinance, weeds won’t grow on your island as much as they usually do. So, that’s much less cleanup to do once you come back to your island after a lengthy break. Moreover, villagers will help with the upkeep by, for example, watering flowers.

Bell Boom Ordinance in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Bell Boom ordinance in Animal Crossing New Horizons increases the prices for both buying and selling items. So, those of you that tend to sell more than they buy can turn a fairly tidy profit by choosing this option. Sure, you’ll have to pay more when buying, but you can kinda work around that by changing your ACNH ordinance.

Early Bird ACNH Update 2.0 Ordinance

The Early Bird ACNH update 2.0 ordinance choice is tailor-made for players that like to play the game early first thing in the morning. Specifically, this ordinance wakes the villagers up earlier, meaning that you’ll be able to interact with them sooner than usual. Not only that, but the shops and other buildings will also open ahead of their usual schedule.

Night Owl Ordinance Choice ACNH

Last, but not least, the ACNH Night Owl ordinance does the exact opposite from the Early Bird. If you choose this ordinance, villagers will stay awake and out and about for longer than usual, and they keep the stores open until the later hours of the night. In other words, this is the right choice for players who prefer to play Animal Crossing before they go to bed.

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